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Plowing rate

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by MarkP, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. MarkP

    MarkP Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    I get asked too plow out the neigbors drives with my equipment but never know what to charge them. They like to offer something even if just to pay for fuel. What do you guys do in this situation? What do you charge?

  2. The Boss

    The Boss 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,099

    At bare minimum, $25.00 depending on the size.
  3. NoStockBikes!!

    NoStockBikes!! Senior Member
    Messages: 213

    I've been in similar situations, and my philosophy is this: I do some plowing for hire, but at this point it's just side gigs. I do a couple models and sites for our builder for normal rates, and I take care of a couple of FRIENDS for lowball rates. I had a neighbor ask me what I'd charge him last winter, and he already had a guy. What I told him was that while I could do it pretty cheap (cuz I only have to drive 500 feet down the street, and I'd already be out plowing my driveway) I wasn't comfortable undercutting someone who's doing it to make their living. I told him that if he wasn't happy with the current guy, I'd be glad to do a quality job for him for the same rate.

    So my two cents is: don't be afraid to help out a friend, butit will just end up being a colossal pain in the ass when helping neighbors becomes a commitment. If you wouldn't shovel their driveway for free, don't plow it for free. As far as rates, regions vary, but Boss' post is a good guideline, cuz you don't want to lowball those who rely on it for their livelihood, but if they do elect to hire you, it's worth your time. Unless they are GOOD friends, I wouldn't want to do it, personally. Mixes business and pleasure. You might think you're doing them a favor until they're pissing and moaning because you scalped a sprinkler head, or you get 18" while you're on vacation in Mexico.
  4. Ole JIM

    Ole JIM Senior Member
    Messages: 137

    PLOWING CHARGES? What Do You Charge to Plow a Driveway? & in REPLY I have too ASK? What Driveway? & in ALL Honesty! with the HIGH COST of Equipment--TODAY!!--& don*t see How? Any-One Can Make any MONEY Plowing Private Driveways?--& most small Businesses are NOT Money makers! & havng talked to local Construction COs that DO Most of the Large shopping Malls--They Don*t make a lot of Money! just Some-thing to DO! to Keep the Crews BUSY! durng the Winter!--I used to Plow for the Towns--State--Highway Snow Plowing Bids!--I at One Time had 160 private Plowing Customers mostly Private Homes--all in a local Area-Plow ONE Drive cross the Steet & Plow Anoher!--Three entire Streets--& a Dozen Small Businesses--[PROBLEM] when It SNOWED!--Every body! wanted Theirs Done First!-- & the Bigest Pain in the BUTT was a Nursing HOME!-I Assume? Ole FOLK get UP Tight in BAD Weather! as They would CALL! every Few Minutes!-- My CURE!--I Left One of my Plow Trucks in Their YARD!--Right in the Middle of their Parking LOT--Where EveryOne could SEE it!--That Did the TRICK!--2 inches of SNOW! Started PLOWING!--& with PLOWING--CLEANING UP!--is the Important Thing! I persoally Think--as All Snow Storms are a MESS until its Stops Snowing & Spend the Extra TIME Pushing It as Far as Possible! & Making EveryYARD & Driveway Nice & CLEAN & keep the Area as Streight as Possible!--Edges & walkways! & People Do Take NOTICE! of GOOD Plowing Jobs!--& Remember the Nursing HOME! & My CURE! Instead of Calling every Few Minutes!--We Received Waves from the Elderly in the Windows!--& YEH!--WE Waved BACK! But In All HONESTY! I Don*t See How? Any-ONE can Make MONEY by PLOWING SNOW? & Again HONESTY! Its Just Providing a Needed SERVICE! that Has to Be DONE!--BUT--to GO Out & BUY a 4X4 Truck w/a PLOW & NEW-- USED or ABBUSED!--& Figure Your Gonna PAY for IT?--by PLOWING SNOW?--Forget IT!--even w/a Huge Number of Customers!--SORRY! NO! WAY!--& I state this FACT!--Knowing Your Going To Get a Few SNOW Storms that Are HEAVY & WET! followed by beow ZERO Temps & in just a Few Hours!--& Thats When YOU have to Start Plowing Hard & FAST!-- & All YOU Older GUYS know I*M telling IT like It Really IS! & Things start Breaking! & Now All that EXTRA MONEY YOU HAD!--is Going BYE BYE!--for RE-PAIRS!--& All You PLOWERS Are SPECIAL PEOPLE! & even though some? think Snow Plowing is Adventurous? Any ONE Out There Working AGAINST Mother NATURE!--Especially in the WINTER--when YOU Never KNOW?? how much SNOW Your Gioing to GET? nor How COLD it will Be? & having a Break Down Problem? even Operating a Brand New ONE!--things Can & often DO HAPPEN! SO w/ THAT SAID!--YOU ALL Be CAREFULL! GOD BLESS --Ole JIM--