plowing private road


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For three years I have been plowing and sanding a paved one mile up hill road for a utility company. No problems up till now-told keep the road bare. Now new district manager, who states costs are too high.

What would others charge for doing a road like this?

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I have several private roads - also called Fire Roads around here. They're approx 10' to 12' wide. Standard is $100 per mile for plowing 3" to 6". Additional charge for sanding. I average three yards of sand/salt per mile.

If he's wanting less than 3" plowed, I'd still charge the $100 per trip. You still have the time and costs invested.

If the manager thinks costs are too high, he needs to get them to move the facility. It's not your fault where they put it. Your costs are increasing, too. I would recommend against negotiating a lower price. By doing that, you're saying you've been overcharging them for three years.


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I also have a couple private roads, more like subdivision roads. But you guys out east are getting more money for plowing than we do out here.

I originally bid a 2.3 mile subdivision road at $175, which averages out to be about $75 per mile, and then had to revise my bid when I was told it was to high. I am now doing the road for about $50 per mile, no sanding, just plowing.

I don't think people are as worried about roads, drives, parking lots being 100% snow and ice free out here, so that could account for the pricing difference.