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Plowing part paved/part stone lots ??

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Alpha42, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. Alpha42

    Alpha42 Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    I recently won a bid on a large lot divided in 2 sections. The larger section has about 310 feet by 290 feet of paved area then about 80 feet of crushed stone behind it. the property owner wants the snow at the end of the crushed stone. It is so rutted up that even without the plow blade down the truck bounces up and down pretty good. When there is a foot or more of snow she sees a difference where I've plowed. When there is 4 or 5 inches or so she thinks I didn't plow there at all. I explained to her that the pushes are so long if I did stop before the crushed stone like she implied where did the piles of snow I was pushing go?? Anyway other than taking her for a ride and showing her how rutted it is or pushing her off the cliff of the propertry:nod: I am thinking of dumping this complaining unreasonable *****.:eek:

    DIESELRAM30 Member
    Messages: 53

    Which part of the lot is rutted the stone or is the pavement in bad shape and how can she not see the piles especially if you are plowing to the edge of the stone, just remind her even if you plow 5 inches that there is gonna be at least an inch of packed snow no matter what you do, because there is no way to scrape the lot clean unless you salt.
  3. Alpha42

    Alpha42 Junior Member
    Messages: 16

    The crushed stone part at the ends of the lot is way rutted up. The blacktop is a breeze to plow. When i picked up my check today I spent about 10-15 minutes going nice and slow over the stone area again trying to please this biotch(She does have a really nice can though) and I saw another plow guy going in to her office. I guess she is solicting bids again. When she finds out the 2 types of plow guys we have out here she'll be sorry. One is the true professional-Insurance a crew of guys and all knids of equipment and at a price that will make her do stickups to pay him. The second type is the 25 year old "drifter"-usually has a 12-15 year old truck,lives?? and with ???, smokes a little weed and shows up when he needs more money for a little more weed or beer,pees on the building while hes plowing etc. I am neither.I do this on the side to supplement my professional law enforcement career-yes its true cops make crummy money without the O.T. Oh well, after just one season my plow is alomost paid for:D .