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Here in Pgh. we have been getting several dusting over the past few days -- just enough to salt (1/2" or less). I have a few commercial properties that are closed on Sat and Sun. We had a dusting on Friday night of about a good 1/2". I let them go until Sunday night and salted. I just had to "spot" salt. Most of the snow melted on Sat and they probably didn't need salted at all.

My question is how you would have handled it? In retrospect I think I should have just salted on my usual route on Sat a.m. I think if they question why I salted when they were closed I'm going to tell them I knew with the temps staying in the teens it was not going to completely melt over the weekend -- and most of the snow that melted on sat and sun would probably have turned to ice spots overnight anyway. I'll tell them that I always monitor the weather for the weekend and try to do what's in the best interest of safety.

Any help welcome.


My contracts don't say anything excluding weekend or off hours plowing/salting.



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I think you did the right thing. If they ask tell them the truth, salting is a preventive measure, and with temps the way they have been any ice formation would have stayed. Maybe next time like you said just keep to your schedule then you wont need to worry about what they may say.
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YOU DID RIGHT, next time stay on time. ? what if some one falls on icy lot even if their closed. not worth the trouble if some body sue's just my thoughts. JIM

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If their contract does not have an exclusion to service while they are down or closed then the other thing to think of is closed or not a slip and fall lawsuit is property related not open hours related.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this one. That is just how I interpret the system.



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On our properties we treat them all when we treat(except the one that is ON CALL ONLY) on the weekends we still have some people that seem to need to go to work even though the office is closed. Not to mention the emergency apparatus if there were a need.


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Thanx everyone. All had good points! It makes a lot of sense to keep them clear for liability reasons. I don't think anyone would argue w/that.

Thanx again.


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You guys are lucky. Salt is not even an option here... it's against the law. We have to find "counter weight" options other than spreaders etc. One of my trucks has a 800+ pound piece of steel welded to the bed as a counter weight.