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Plowing? Mag Cloride, or CMA

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by kthhayes, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. kthhayes

    kthhayes Junior Member
    Messages: 17

    We are thinking about starting this winter and would like to know more about CMA (calceium magneisium acteate) and Magneisum Cloride, there are many people here who have newer concrete, and no one seems to want to service their needs. Also I would like to know how to work priceing, and mesure for bids. Please help me I'm so green here.

    Keith Hayes
  2. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

  3. Lawn Lad

    Lawn Lad Senior Member
    Messages: 407

    I'm sure there are many manufacturers/vendors for CMA and Mag Chloride. Cyrotech manfaturers two products CMA and NAAC. Contact them for product information.

    I was silly to apply de-icer to a customer who had new concrete last year (new store location), but the Magic we used didn't cause any problems. Lucky? Don't know, but I"m thankful we didn't cause any spalling.

    As for pricing, figure out your labor cost to apply a bag of product (sidewalks are different than parking lots), then add the cost of the ice control product with your mark up.

    You'll see some charge $15 to $20 per bag applied of rock salt in 50# or 80# size bags. I suppose if those bags cost $3.00 a piece for a 50#, so that would be $12 per bag labor. Then add CMA cost per 50# plus a little mark up. Is this price good for you? It depends on your cost. Determine your selling price by taking your costs and adding your profit margin.

    If you figure price to gross margin, do you need 45%, 50%, 60% or even 65%? Take your hourly costs to spread the material and add your percentage (by dividing by the reciprocal - e.g. for 65%, divide by .45) and you'll have your selling price per hour or divide it out by per bag.

    Hope this helps.
  4. dssxxxx

    dssxxxx Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 63

    Mag Chloride Flakes or Pellets are 48% active ingrediant. Pricing is $8.00 - $10.00 per bag delivered in truckloads. CMA and NAAC - both in 100% pure form are $75.00 - $80.00 per bag in 40 bag minimums.