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    Guys think they can get away without plow Insurance because they know what they're doing. The trouble is, there are so many stupid drivers on the road and they'll get behind you when you least expect it.

    Not long ago a plow truck backed over a woman who walked behind it when it was backing while plowing a convenience store lot. It happened during a nasty snow storm when visibility wasn't good when driving forward, let alone backing. If I remember right she was killed. I don't know if the family sued but it wouldn't be a surprise if they did.
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    I found out my insurance company was no longer insuring any part of snow plowing back in October. After getting quotes from all of the local insurance agencies, I thought I was going be plowing just to pay them. I ended up getting a gl policy through Stratum out of California. It was comparable to what I was paying last year, and they had the fastest turnaround time out of all the others. I dealt with Mike, and he stays in the office late every night getting it done. Hopefully everyone has their insurance squared away by now, but I just thought I would share the info.
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    Say a I have a small commercial parking lot, around 20 spots. can I get sued by management if someone falls even if I dont have a contract? Or if im salting as a sub for a friend, someone falls and sues them, can they then sue me if theres no contract in place? Im only 18 with a couple family/ family friends for accts,trying to grow plowing side, so no commercial insurance yet.
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    Not having a written contract in place does work in your favor. Your sub example even more so. But it is against standards and not a guarantee that you can’t get sued.
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    What insurance company di you have let me know
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    Just a heads up that the post you quoted was from 2005... 15 yrs ago.
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    We have a BOP policy with Erie, commercial auto, and 5 star contractors policy, 1 million for both. However everyone is different, we also have 250k for equipment, we also have errors and emissions, we also have umbrella, we also have snow and ice management, this gets touchy however, ultimately our policy is 10k a year give or take