Plowing in 4 low

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by skywalker, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. skywalker

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    Ive heard it all, if im pushing serious snow, should i be in 4 low
  2. sweetk30

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    basicly what ever it takes for the vehicle to work smothly and not bogg down and put heavy working load on the motor/tranny.

    i plow some in 4 high and sometimes 4 low. all depends on the snow and the lot.
  3. hydro_37

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    search button is your friend
    this has been discussed too many times to count

    I have never plowed in 4L
  4. ShorePower

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    If the truck has enough power, than High is going to work fine. One of my trucks is a 93 half ton with a 4.3 V6. Only 160HP. I need 4 low to plow. My other truck is 5.3 V* 300HP never needed low yet. not even with 24 in snowfall after Christmas in NY
  5. muffy189

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    if its a wet heavy snow or like 12 or better id plow in 4 low but it does depend on the snow and the lot its a choice thing i guess some guys dont do it at all and put new trannys in there new trucks last year we had a two foot snowfall here and i plow with a dodge dakota with a six cylinder and 3 of my friends have new trucks and dropped trannys. so its just a choice you have to make for yourself.
  6. oldmankent

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    I will put it in low when it is really wet and heavy. Or if I am cutting into a pile. Or when my clutch foot gets tired.:) It is all about momentum and how you want to treat your truck. Sometimes low doesn't make a difference at all it is about getting your momentum going and I can do that in 2nd low or 1st hi.
  7. trouble454

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    We have a fleet of 13 plow rigs, all mid 80's chevy stuff. We use low range in all of them and it works well. We have trans temp gauges on all of them and we can keeps temps down to 150 degrees in low range and most run over 200 in high. We even have three with 4.56 ratio rearends and low range works well with those as well. We have noticed no more fuel consumption and we have alot more control when stacking and pushing up over curbs to make room. We run run saw dust studded siped cap tires on rigs as well.
  8. Eronningen

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    I have never used 4low. If I had back some of the late 90's low horse power trucks I had I would consider it if pushing 12+" of wet snow. 70's and 80's trucks probably more yet. All the diesel trucks we have now and even the older gasers(2001 8.1L Chevy) have tons of power, would spin before even think of bogging down.
  9. D&E

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    I've never put it in 4 low. Either the tires spin or the blade trips first. Never had a problem with bogging, but then again I have a 7.3 diesel. The highest I've seen my tranny get is 170 and that was very brief while beating the crap out of it pushing packed ice.

    To me it seems like it'd be unnecessary but what do I know :dizzy:
  10. kstt

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    '93 YJ Jeep, 4 cyl, 5-speed: ALWAYS 4-Lo....but this is used on driveways and small residential lots. Easier on the clutch, more rpm's for the alternator, and better control.
  11. Mr. Jon

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    4 low works great for braking effect on long steep driveways.
  12. coyote

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    I agree with Mr. Jon. The only time I use 4 low is on my steep driveways when iced up underneath. Have to plow them from the top down. 1990 F250 boss v blade
  13. 496 BB

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    Hell I hardly ever even lock the tcase in 4hi much less run 4lo. I plow to fast to run low anyways.
  14. Westhardt Corp.

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    you wouldn't beleive how many guys ive seen in 4 lo in the mud, sure thats what ya want to do slow yourself down :laughing:
  16. JB1

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    don't believe I have ever had a truck in 4-lo, hope it works.

    STIHL GUY Senior Member
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    i plow in 4 low all the time if its heavy stuff works well for me
  18. sweetk30

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    yep wheel speed = clean tires for traction in mud. and 4low dont get you that in mud.
  19. coyote

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    Heavy on the tranny