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karl klein

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i am helping plow 4 somebody else this year but next year im getting in to it on my own. i own a 1997 chevy 2500 suburban with a 454,and rear air lift. i was wonder ing weather to get a 71/2,8 or 81/2 foot plow. i half pretty much been sold on a western but havent decided poly or pro. i also was wondering if a full lightr bar is worth the money sense it is a suv i'm getting a 2" reicever sander, i have thought about a rack that will hold my full size snow blower.



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I'd go with atleast the 8' plow. Get the steel blade it's easier to fix if you happen to damage it. Don't let the weight of the blade make you choose a smaller one. The 454 will push. If you're worried about damage to the front end it's gonna happen anyway. I have a 3/4 ton GMC. It had a plow on it before I owned it and I plow with it now. At 60,000 miles the front oil seals, ball joints and the axel shafts, the cv joints the actuator and all the guts to the automatic hubs were replaced. (The axel shafts were scored and it only has a 71/2' blade on it) Gm front ends dont like plows from my experience. Put it to work, my truck doesn't owe me a cent. As for the full size snowblower on the back get the salter it will make you more money then the snow blower. Unless you service a lot with a lot of sidewalk a one stage snow thrower will work fine and you can pick it up and put it inside your suburban.


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A rack and tailgate spreader will really stick out in the back. Go with the rack and skip the tailgate spreader, you wont have room for both, if you really need both, get a swing away spreader, and a single stage blower. That way you can lift the blower in and out of the back of the sub.
The light is up to you, they are alot of money, but give good visibility.

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Hey, way too nice of a truck to be plowing with, eh?

Anyway, go with at least a 8' straight blade or a 8.5 V (better choice). You have a heavy weight truck to start off with so pushing would be better than with a pickup.

How are you going to transport the salt? Do you have barndoors or tailgate? With a tailgate, you still wouldn't be able to lift the rear glass to get to your salt or spreader. I have a Buyers 600lb cap. spreader (simple design), however, I think that it would be almost impossible to modify it to fit my Suburban (1975 3/4T) and still have it perform adequately. I have seen a small (can't remember brand) yellow reciever mount spreader that looks to only hold about 200lbs and is very low mounted. Maybe thats what you are planning on.

What is this rear air lift that you have?

Don't worry about damage to the front end. As long as you don't beat it, it will be fine. It just worries me that you are plowing with a $38,000.00 truck.

Just get a ciggarette lighter plug magnet mount beacon and you will be fine. (Starsky and Hutch) Unless your a firecop or whatever, stay away from those big hideous light machines.

Also, unless you do a lot of sidewalk work, skip the rack and blower as there is more money in plowing.

Good Luck, and dont wreck that nice rig!!!

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Northern Tool sell a Federal Signal two bulb beacon that does a fine job for about $130.00 or so shipping and all. Magnet or permanent mount, but considering your truck go with the magnet. Just my opinion.

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If your truck has a plow prep, I would go with 8.5 if not go with a 8ft. Make sure you have a tranny cooler in your truck. I would not wast your $ on a light bar just get a mag light for it. Northern-tool has a good whelen strobe for $76.oo. I own one and it is a great.


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Here in Wisconsin we have Northern Outlet stores. If you have one in your area I would highly recommend it. I've seen the full light bars there for low one hundreds and the beacons for 50.

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A 454 suburban has an aux tranny cooler as std equipment,after 94.The suburban doesnt have a plow prep option available,but has all the HD cooling and carrying capacity needed,so i wouldnt worry about it,the truck is plenty strong,and has enough rear weight to handle almost any blade he puts on it.The only problem with not having a plow prep on any GM is with a permanent mount setup,the addtional front blinkers on the plow frame can cause the fuse to blow for them if you have a trailer on at the same time with 2 or more turn bulbs.The plow prep has a relay for the additional front turn bulbs,so this doesnt happen.With uni-mounts this isnt a problem since your not towing and plowing at the same time.

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