Plowing Drifted Snow, post-storm

Let's say a storm passed through 2 days ago - you've plowed all your accounts, but the wind now is so bad that snow is drifting in your lots. As a policy do you go back out and plow the drifts, or wait for phonecalls from only those folks that feel they need it?


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What does your client/clients expect? I run a high end service where that is expected. IE we check for drifts and remove them were needed. The same for salt & Sand. They crews check all the lots and do what is required to prevent/reduce the chance for slip and falls. Most of are drift work comes from Residental clients on the upper scale side who live towards the country. During periods of high winds we send crews into those neighborhoods to check for drifts and then charge the client for work we perform.

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Depends...are your customers seasonal or per push? What type lot is it? Obviously drifting would affect a narrow residential driveway a lot more than a 100,000sq.ft. parking lot. Personally, we don't routinely drive through our lots every day checking for drifting. If it happens and someone calls us, then we'll go out and plow it. Our accounts are all seasonal so we'd usually do it free-of-charge. One of our customers called today about a gate to their garbage area being blocked by some drifting/piled snow. We'll move it tomorrow for no charge.


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We do almost exclusivley factories with large lots. If the wind conditions are right for drifting, we check each site at least once a day. Some sites are very prone to drifts off the roofs and into loading docks. If drifts are found, we remove them without waiting for a call. If we get a call re drifting, I feel we have not done a proper job of taking care of the total snow controll situation. We do charge for this service, usualy a one hour minimum. I have had customers compliment us on this service. They do not complain about the extra charges. Perhaps I am fourtunate to have clients who want a high level of service and expect to pay for it. Not every cust is like that, but thats the only type I try to take on. There is something to be said for getting paid to plow the same snowfall more than once though. It is something to consider in selling your service at contract time. BTW, my wife does think its funny that we have to drive past certain sites on our way out to dinner 3 or 4 days after the latest snowfall. But if there are drifts, they gotta be dealt with, or we are not doing the job right

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And I thought I was the only one who went to different restaurants just to go past plowing accounts......

Go figure....

Man... are we ALL the same ???

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Dittos with the resturants Larry; I often do it when we are out shopping close to our commercial work :)
Our commercial customers get cleared out for sake of parking & safety. If I have to do half the lot, I'll charge for half a plowing. If it's about less than 1/3, it's free. Of course these are smaller lots like a small warehouse or shopping strip with 5-6 retailers, or a resturant.

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