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What is the best way to get a clean edge againt curbs with a plow? I did not know if it was best to put your edge on the side of the curb and push the snow away from it or pust it straight on away from the curb. What do you guys do to get that clean curb line?


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Actually I just drop my rear plow and just "drive" along the edge, Since the back of the truck follows the curve I can lightly scrape the rear plow along the curb and get a perfect clean. Since I do it with the rear plow I have no Idea how to get a clean edge with a front.....Sorry.


One idea you could think about, getting an urathane (sp) edge. Get the edge 6" longer over all, that way you will have 3" overlap on each side.

With the edge being somewhat bendable (from my understanding) you will be able to get right up next to the curb with a little practice and no damage.

There are a few members here who sell edges like I am talking about, also many that use them.

Another idea you could try that I have used. A friend of mine has a gravely with a snow blade he would go around all curbs before the plows got there to plow, giving the plows a 3' zone to plow with. Since he was the foreman of the sidewalk crews he was there for the storm any way, so this work great for that property.


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Rooster is right the urethane edge is the real ticket for not damaging curbs and getting right up to them to clean well.
Call me if you would like more info.


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I spent a few hours on a hospital site we have at the end of this storm, plowing snow away from certain curblines. We have a U edge with a 6" overlap on one of our trucks. I would put it against the curb, plow angled away from the curb, winging the snow out. A skid steer with a pusher following me cleaning up the snow trail. I could have also had our V plow following me in the scoop position, cleaning up the trail.

On the main roadways, I was running the U edge along the curbs with the plow angled toward the curb, to make sure the roads were opened full width. It doesn't get the curbline clean, but does what I said, give drivers (nearly) the full width of the road.


paul soccodato

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i agree with the u-edge, but during the last storm, it was the first time i used my pro-wings. they have a thick rubber cutting edge and i was very impressed how they cleaned up to the curbs.the rubber edge glides along the curbs, cleaning perfectly.

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