Plowing after the workday has begun?

I have a lot of contracts pending with doctors offices, drug stores, a truck stop, gas stations, etc.

Most of these are either 24 hours or must be cleaned up by 7:30 am to start the workday. What types of accounts other than churches, private roads, and residentials could be left unplowed until mid morning (without causing a conflict with the customer) in the case of a late storm?

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You can't wait on private roads. The reszidents of Private roads expect them in the same or better condition as the town roads. It is sometime a challenge however very profitable. I currently maintain 12 miles of private roads.



That all depends Geoff. These are small streets in a subdivision that have never been plowed by a private contractor or anyone, for that matter in the 20 years the subdivision has been in existence.

Not that they will accept crap service, but they aren't going to freak out if they have been cleared once earlier and have a couple, or even 4" of snow in a bad storm at say 7:30 am. They will have to learn to live with a little bit of snow in the am, depending on how the storms arrive.

However, I know that the plowing of my particular street is often not done until the storm is over and I can clearly see the Capital Building from my front yard.

Although the area I am talking about plowing is a nice subdivision, the city considers this area a lower priority area since it is on the outskirts of town, so we should be on similar schedules judging from past experience watching our cities street crews.

Conversely, if some of my clients showed up at their place of business at 7:30 and it wasn't "done", I'd get the written cancellation of my contract quicker than you can say La Nina.

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I guess your right. Up here in maine driving through 4" is no big deal. I thought you might wait till very late in the day to plow. People up here don't care about how much really accumulates, but they expect there roads plowed when the town roads are plowed. I deliver and they may, Private roads i rate as one of my best accounts.

Oh yea, city, we don't have any real citiest. The guys that came to the SIMA conference saw Maine's Moster city. Up here there are no low priority areas, except for maybe in Portland. The town crews and DOT just run steady through every street, however there is always 4" of snow on the streets, and sometime they send one truck around to do the main drags first.

Out here there are no outskirts, the whole state is an outskirt.


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Chuck Smith

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When I was 12 we took a trip to Maine. It was then I found out that "down the road a piece" meant 15 miles or more.
We were supposed to stay in a cabin on Moosehead lake. We ended up in a cabin on First Roach Pond. The nearest town was Cacadgough (sp?)The population was 8, plus 4 horses a cow and 6 pigs. We stayed 2 weeks. I personally loved it. My mother hated it. We had a hand pump in the cabin that drew lake water, that we boiled to drink. I just remember that when we washed our hair each day, the suds were brown. Not sure why. It was beautiful country. We went looking for moose every morning, and saw them. Most were bigger than my fathers Jeep CJ 5. We went looking for bears at the garbage dump (a big hole in the ground) and saw some black bears. The day after we saw the bears, someone lit the garbage on fire to keep the bears away. We went 4 wheeling all over the logging roads, and had a blast. We took a lot of road trips when I was a kid, and Maine was the only place we went, that you could drive 40 miles, and see nothing but trees and lakes. We went to a national park there, that had a "natural water slide" yeah, smooth rocks to slide down.. ;)


movie theatre's,some dinner type restaurants open a bit later(olive garden,applebe's)some church's w/o day care,pizza shops usually do not open until lunch

drive your area and scope out the lot that are empty at 9 or 10 am


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Geoff I think you must have forgotten that people expect their road to be done before the public roads.I always love the call after a two foot snow were the person says

"were are you I can't get out of my drive"
and I ask
"well is your street done?"

"Well no."

"If you can't get out of your drive how are you getting down your street"
long pause

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