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Did a search. There has to be a ton of posts on this, but nothing would come up. Here's the question. For res. drives; What is the best way to clear them? Note: I cannot push the snow across the street where I live. The Meyer manual is a little vague. Do you start heading in angled to the right pushing the snow into the lawn, then backdrag the rest piled up at the door and do the same on the way out,OR do you backdrag both 1/2's part way down, turn around and push it down? And after that where do you put the big piles? Do you back up and angle right to push it into the front lawn?

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Dino's right!

I bought the video's to train my guys this year and they worked out great. We get a lot of guys that I am expected to train that have never even seen snow before! No matter how many times I repeated simple basics, or drew pics on the white board, they wouldn't get a clue until they actually did it. Well this year with the video's it was a lot easier to get through to them.

I reccomend them for anyone new to plowing or for employee training purposes.


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To acurately answer your query would fill pages of dialouge, and frankly the video expains, and shows you better than I could ever explain it. Not only that but I really dont feel like typing all of it, just to look like a fool when I am done. I do a good enough job a making a fool of myself all by myself.
The video is first class, its not cheesy at all. And Chuck has a good book for first time plowers.

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