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Plow won't lay flat

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by Kenyou, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Kenyou

    Kenyou Senior Member
    Messages: 375

    HI everbody,
    I work at the Alpena Sportsmans Club. I plow snow with a Pay loader and a old County Dump truck that we bought years ago. It is a 1989 Ford Model # LTA10 w/a Cummings Diesel with a 10ft. Meyers plow with 6 springs that was bought after the truck was purchased. After last winter, the plow was in need of some repairs after many years of use. That has been done and it seems to be perfect now. It's nice and tight.

    The problem is that when I raise the plow and angle it one way or the other, one side is higher than the other. I can deal with that, except when I Iower the plow to the ground, the one side is digging into the ground and the other side is several inches in the air. Not good for plowing. Before we had the plow fixed and trued up it worked fine. The guy that fixed it said that that it was all nice and tight and level. He further said that the mount had never been put on properly but being that everything was all so loose and sloppy, it didn't bother it. So now he says the mount has to be lowered down. Does this make any sense to you guys? Also, do you have any idea what the height of the frame should be so I can check it? I don't have a clue what the Plow model is. The mechanic said that it really was too small for that size of truck.

    DAFFMOBILEWASH PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,602

    Check the hight of the A frame (a) at the king pin (b) at the truck. If there is a big difference in heights the blade will be fine at strait pushes and not when angled. For example lift the blade all the way up and the blade strait. Notice the left and right side of the blade heights, now angle the blade left and right. At full turns notice the height differences.

    My thoughts are that the blades king pin had excessive slop and has been tightened during service. Not allowing the blade to float left or right. Now examine the angle of attack for the a frame. Total height difference should not exceed 5% of the lenght of the A frame. You allways want positive downpressure and the blade but not to much, or you will run into your problem. Its a geometry issue.

  3. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    Take a couple side to side measurements at the back of the A-frame with the plow on level ground and detached from the truck..Is it the same side to side?

    Next, measure from the pin holes on the mount, also with the plow detached and the truck on level ground...Is the mount level?

    If you find it's all good then I'd bet the mount is in fact too high..

    What is the measurement from the ground to the pin hole on the truck?...you want it to be about 10".

    If it's much higher than that it will want to "dig" on one side when angled.
  4. Kenyou

    Kenyou Senior Member
    Messages: 375

    Ok, thanks for the information. We'll get to measuring and see what we can find out.
    It definitely digs a trench on one side.

    Thanks Again.
  5. Wicked500R

    Wicked500R Senior Member
    Messages: 394

    you guys up top are a little technical...LOL but it's rather simple.... With the blade straight on the ground... The A-frame should be parallel to the pavement or close. It is most likely not and is 1 of 2 things...the truck frame is too high and needs to be lowered, OR the cutting edge is worn down to nothing causing this problem. There is a couple options... #1 lower the truck frame...#2 Have the A-frame reworked to make it right...#3 New or Custom cutting edge. I have used 8" wide steel to solve this problem on some vehicles...
  6. Kenyou

    Kenyou Senior Member
    Messages: 375

    I haven't been back to check the plow yet for the height of everything, but I have put a level on every part of the plow last week and everything on that plow was completely level with the plow connected to the truck and pointing straight ahead and flat on the pavement. Everything goes down hill when it is angled.
  7. B&B

    B&B PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,777

    How about posting a couple pics of it...maybe something will jump out at us.
  8. Kenyou

    Kenyou Senior Member
    Messages: 375

    I don't have a camera yet. I'm waiting for the Christmas Sales. The guy that I work with has one. I'll see if he can bring it in and take some pics. Good Idea. Thank You.