Plow wont function..

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by StonewallFarms, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. StonewallFarms

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    Just put my plow on this morning for todays storm worked fine. went to go head out and the indicator light on my fish stick started the truck and it worked for a minute now wont work at all.. we are expected to get over 10'' here today so any ideas please let me know..
  2. B&B

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    Loose/poor electrical connection somewhere, or a failing controller.

    Go over all the plug connections to check the basics...

    Grill connectors
    12V power wire (usually tapped into fuse panel)
    Battery cables at the solenoid, battery and plow motor
  3. mountain716

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    Stonewall farms ...the cord for the fishstick is probably at fault...I bought my 9'-6" Xtreme V in 2007 and in Jan. of 2008 mine stopped working...light blinking etc...Contacted the distributor and he replaced the cord..said fishers was having problms with them..also said if the cutting edges are wearing too fast fisher is warranting them also.Instead of a 2cutting edge they are replacing them with 4 piece cutting edge. good luck
  4. BlackIrish

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    Today after checking everything and replacing the solenoid (have a spare now) rebuilding pump motor ( was new last year) Still nothing.
    Bought a $345 control for a 99 V......plow works like a charm.
  5. wirenut

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    what were you able to rebuild? the brushes are spot welded to
    the stud and magnets. where did you find the parts?
    a new motor is 125 $...:drinkup: