Plow won't drop


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Fort Wayne,IN
Older Western Pro 8'. Just installed and serviced a month ago. I'll move the lever down and nothing happens at all. if I move the blade left or right THEN it will go down, but slower than normal. Fluid was down some and I filled it up but still doing it. I know there are adjustments (and I just spent 20 minutes trying to find SOMETHING with the search feature - no success on 50 different word combos, frustrating :( ) but don't know if this is a cable adjustment or the adjuster on the pump, and where those are located. This is a pre-Uni mount model.

John DiMartino Veteran
Pull off the side cover on the pump where the cables go in,have a friend move the controller from in the cab,(stay clear of the plow),I bet you broke the up down cable.When they break,they can only be pushed(rasied),not lowered.I have replaced more of those cables than i care to tak about.Id buy a spare for next time too,since that one broke the other may be ready next.

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