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plow wont drop

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by WELDER, Nov 28, 2004.


    WELDER Member
    Messages: 50

    i was hoping someone here might be of help again,as i have yet another problem. :( ........i had this problem last year, a couple times but it went away, so i wasnt to worried. but now its doing it yet again. the plow wont dropwhen i hit the control.(western pro,ultramount).it seems it was warm outside when i had this happen. could that be part of the problem?the fluid gettin to hot? if i get out and wiggle the connectors it will then drop.i first thought it was a connection problem. so i cleaned them and applied new dielectric grease. no help. i contacted my dealer. he said it was a quill problem. and that by wiggling the connectors i am taking the load off the quill and thus making it drop. does anyone buy this?and if so how hard is it to pull out the quill and clean it? i dont really want to spend 300 bucks on something i may be able to do myself. i changed the fluid also(dexron3)......everything else works great,left,right,etc..................thanks a bunch guys..........welder :waving:
  2. andersonbldrs

    andersonbldrs Member
    Messages: 34

    Sounds like a broken wire in the harness. I had that happen to me. You need to find which side of the harness the wire is broken on (plow side or truck side) then replace that end.
  3. Garagekeeper

    Garagekeeper Senior Member
    Messages: 459

    First thing... Wiggling the connector "has nothing" to do with the quill adjustment.
    If you get it to work by wiggling it then you know that the problem is in or around the connector.
    If you have been maintaining the connectors with dielectric grease as required buy Western then you may have a bad contact in the plug or even a broken wire in the molded part of the connector.
    Is the plow under two years old?
    Would be a covered item if so and wasn't damaged buy you or caused by poor maintance, have your local Western dealer look at it again.
    And be sure to make it clear to them on what you have to do to get the plow operating again.
    :rolleyes: John............................