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Please excuse me as i`m sure this has been covered before, i just can`t find it. I have an older Meyers (E47?). Last year i changed the fluid after my ATF froze (per this site) and had no more problems. Here in southern WI we just got our first (real) snow and the plow goes up and down nicely BUT it turns to the left and sticks there it will not move unless i remove the hose end on the right ram and release a tremendous amount of pressure. I hear the solenoids buzzing but it will not move.

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I don't know anything about Meyer plow pump, but just want to suggest one thing. Always change the fluid every year before the beginning of winter season. Also test your plow to make sure it is working properly because if you don't do that and waits until the first storm and finds out that its not working, it is going to be a problem.

Maybe you have a bad sticky seal in your hydraulic that probably needs to be replaced? Let just wait until someone else on plowsite give you an answer to fix your problem.


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Good advice from Stephen on annual maintanence.

I would advise checking the C coil and valve. This is the one that has the green wire into it. Check to see that it is getting voltage when you angle the plow right. If not you have an electrical problem. IF you are then the coil is not working or the valve is sticking. Replace the assembly or clean it out.

More information can be found by clicking the link to the Snowplowing Contractors Network at the top of the page.
We have a E-47 on one of our older chevy's. I would suggest to you the following. 1st, like mentioned above, i would change to fluid, bleed out all the old fluid, because there may be dirt etc. in the fluid that is not allowing the check valve on the solenoid to open up. 2nd, it may actually be a solenoid. With those older E-47, I replaced all the solenoids ($28.00 ea) and put a new motor on this yr. ($75.00?) I would try the fluid first, then look into a new solenoid.


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Please excuse me as i`m sure this has been covered before, i just can`t find it.

Like I said in one of the other threads on this very problem, I think there should be a seperate "Meyer C Valve" forum. Having replaced so many of them myself I'm beginning to wonder if Meyer's main profit center isn't selling C Valves, and they just make snowplows to insure they have a market....
i forgot that one....

Originally posted by CT18fireman
Another simple thing to try is the couplers. They sometimes cause a problem in angling.

Its actually funny you just mentioned that... because a 9' Fisher we have was angling slow to the right and we could figure out why... turned out to be a male coupler. Something that simple
check to fluid too, i doubt thats the problem but after the first storm here my plow was down about 1/2 qt on fluid and it was causeing the plow to angle real slow and not angle at all, the celiniod was buzzing but it wasn't working so i checked it out and put fluid in it and then it worked like a charm.

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