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I had a fire in my plowing wires this summer. i would like to rewire it but would like some of your input on how going about this by myself. Everything is intact but the wiring. It was an electric/hydraulic system. I also need a new control box and wiring system to the pump which is located on the plow frame. Before it burned out to operate it, a switch under the hood had to be turned "on" for it to work. I also need that mechanism.
What I need to know basically is where to get the control box inside the truck cab and the swithing sytem under the hood. I'm not sure if the control box wiring is directly connected to the switch under the hood or they are independent. i believe that the switch under the hood connected to a hydraulic hose on top of the pump. Any help and estimate on how much this will run me money wise on parts if i do it myself and how much if i get it done by a specialist will help. I don't know what kind of plowing system it is because the truck had gone through a couple of owners before me. Any help will be appreciated.


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You really need to find out who makes this plow. It has to be somewhere on the parts left. Or post some pics and we will be able to see what type it is.
I would guess that since you are from Mass, it is most likely a fisher unit. However we need to be sure. The pump will have a name on it, like Douglas Dynamics or Meyer. The switch under the hood is called a solenoid, and basically it acts a switch to route 12V from the battery to the pump. A small 12v wire activates the solenoid, causing it to clos and complete the circut to the pump. Sounds complicated but not really. At the same thime, a smaller current is running from the control box to the pump telling what valve to open and close to route the fluid to the correct cylinder. The manufactures wiring kits make all of this very easy to install, that is why we need to know what type of plow it is. Do you have the actual plow blade. What color is it? Is the area where the pump attaches to a yellow triangle, or a different shape? Is the pump yellow black or red? This also helps us identify the type of plow system. Hope to hear from you soon.
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