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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by crash22201, Nov 24, 2000.

  1. crash22201

    crash22201 Junior Member
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    Was curious how well them plow wings work?
    Does anybody have a set?

    plese let me know how they are?

    thx bobc jr,
  2. Lazer

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    Yes, I've got a set.

    We run most all V-Blades, so you don't really need them.

    Guys that don't run/don't like V-blades just love the Pro-wings.

    Good friends with a guy who has 18 sets.

    PS: Hey, welcome to the forum!
  3. CCLC

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    I bought a set to try last year and they are great. I don't have v-plows so this is as close as I can get. I'll never be without them now until we trucks with V's on them.
  4. cutntrim

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    They're definately worth getting. We've got a set on our Meyers and it's now a 10' plow instead of an 8'. Our next plows will be V plows, but for now wings are the way to go.

    from ohio
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    i have them on my plows too
    poor mans v blade
  6. Snow Pro

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    I'm negotiating with a sub who wants more $$$ than I want to give him. I'm going to tell him I'll pay him if he uses a pair of wings. I'll come out ahead on that deal! Buy them for every truck you're paying by the hour, unless it's already got a 10' blade on it.
  7. OP

    crash22201 Junior Member
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    thanks guys i think i will thy a set on my 8 foot meyers.
  8. SlimJim Z71

    SlimJim Z71 Addict
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    Maybe the roads are narrower here than everywhere else. I only have a 7.5' blade, and I feel like I'm gonna wipe out ever car that goes past me. I can't imagine what it would be like with wings on it. Although... I do agree it would be a good idea, especially for parking lots.[​IMG]
  9. John Allin

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    SlimJim -

    That's a normal feeling. You'll get used to it, even if you put on the wings. Also, the people coming towards you see a BIG piece of steel on the front of the truck and will give you a wide berth.
  10. SlimJim Z71

    SlimJim Z71 Addict
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    That's just it. A lot of people havn't been moving over. I almost wiped out a mailbox last week cause a guy was riding the center-line. Granted, the mailbox would do less damage than the car would've, but sometimes ya just feel like clobering someone so they learn. AIR HORNS!!! I NEED AIR HORNS!!![​IMG]
  11. GeoffD

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    Try driving a loader with a 14' snow pusher on it, down the road. The cars are off in the ditch.

    We have 3 trucks with 10' plows on them, and they say people more over for them no problems. The only time it really bothers them, is when a DPW or DOT truck is in the on comming lane.

  12. finnegan

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    I built a custom set this year,now have 10 ft of blade with rubber cutting edges, it works better than the real pro wings...until you get 3ft of snow......
  13. OP

    crash22201 Junior Member
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    u say u built your own set what did you use?
    i was thinking of doing that my self but i wasn't sure
    if they would strong enough.
    Like if the wings cought a curb what could happen?
  14. Highpoint

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    My two cents. We run Meyers. We have permantly attached our wings. Use a steel cutting edge. Use know shoes. Love them. Takes 1 hr to change blades. When blade wares out, we weld old left over blades on. this takes 15 min. We use up more blades, less waste, works very well. 1 more thing, We make our own edges out of 5/8 x 6 steel instead of the factory suggested 3/8.

    Safe and prosperous plowing!