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    i have a 7.5 ' plow and i do big parking lots.......i was woundering how the wings work.....i need the angle but a also could use a strate blade for the midle of the lots .....what do you guys think
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    Plow wings do an excellent job on large lots especally when you have to push it all the way to one end instead of just being able to windrow it to one side.

    I have only used my homemade ones in one storm but i can tell you they make a huge difference. The two guys I plow with both have wings and could always do twice the work of my plow without wings on the big lots.

    As to being able to angle the blade and windrow, if you have a lot of it to do, it is well worth the time to take the inside wing off IMO. The inside wing holds more snow in front of the plow and it becomes harder to push without wanting to turn your truck sideways, and you get to where you can't take as big of a bite because it will trail-off the other side as we

    Overall the wings will save you a ton of time. The larger the lot, the more time they will save you.
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    i would like to be able to remove them would only be for the large midle of the parking lots .....but around the building i would need them off........p.s.apik1 the wings you have on that chevy look do they mount????
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    I have wings on both my straight blades, I have all commercial accounts with big lots and the wings literally cut plowing time in half. I plow two hotels where I have to get up next to the buildind and I dont even take the wings off...there is no need. Buy a set of Pro Wings you will not regret it. Pro wings mount with three linch pins per side so if you need to get them off it would only take about 1 minute. The picture shows two of the lynch pins, I dont know if it will help you or not.

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    Wings are a must have they save loads of time the best wing for a meyer would be a pro wing from buyers but you do have to weld the brackets on... well you dont have to but it is quicker and better to weld them on mainly because the brace on the back of the blade is in the way
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    i put mine on before the last snow fall... one lot i do takes me 35 to 40 mins on a 3 to 4 inch snow. this last storm gave us 8 inches and i did it in 45 mins... so i'd say that there definately worth the 200$ and 2 hours to install... ps. i welded mine also, and think i could do it next time in an hour...
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    Thanks, The pro wings are very easy to get on and off. It all comes down to the placement of the mounting pins. They took about an hour to install, also I welded them on.
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    I didn't enjoy plowing with my 7.5 straight blade meyer...untill I got pro-wings..HUGE DIFFERENCE. Just make sure you install the rubber edge pieces overlaping the cutting edge by an inch or so. I had to learn the hard way.
  10. L.I.Mike

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    I also have the Pro wings on my meyer, It cut my time down tremendously. 1 lot that took 45 minutes I did in 20. I dont bother to take them off and I get REAL close to parked cars at the hotel I plow. No problem.
    I have reduced my clean up time by a big margin.
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    I run an 8' poly and wings and love it. It gives me 10' straight and I believe just over 8' angled. And like everyone said they come off and on in no time. I never remove mine do my residentials with them on to. Most take one pass straight at 10'.
  12. DuramaxPowered

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    Are many other guys using pro wings on a poly blade? Will the poly board hold up?
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    :gunsfiring:Bought mine this year and love um!!!!! asked my self what was i thinkin not havin them before :gunsfiring:

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    ive had them for 4 yrs only advise i can give make sure the rubber edge overlapse the blade . if not the crappy rubber will bend back . another thing is to upgrade to a urethane edge instead of rubber a lot harder and wont bend back

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    I put 1-1/2" thick rubber cutting edge on mine works better than the stock rubber
  16. Clapper&Company

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    Wing are the only way to go!
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    not if u get payd by the hour
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    That is true Kevin!

    Inless ur the one paying :D
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    ya next year i am gonna get a set just because sometimes it seems to just take forever
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    Here's my Meyer 7.5 ST with the new Meyer wings.....Night and day. I still bill out my "Pre-Winged" hours though as these things will cut your time in half.

    I would get the pro-wings if I had to do it again though...There are some issues with getting parts for the Meyers wings and the pins are weaker than carnival lemonade in any commercial plowing enviroment. I have snapped two pins and lost one of the rubber pads/lower edge deal.