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Plow truck storage tips for the off season

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by NickT, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. NickT

    NickT Senior Member
    Messages: 707

    I will be storing my plow truck outside this summer, I would like some tips from the pros on what to do and what not to do. I know a few things like disconnect the battery. But what do you guys so when storing your trucks until next winter arrives?
  2. leigh

    leigh 2000 Club Member
    from CT
    Messages: 2,342

    Mouse traps.
  3. Mark13

    Mark13 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,795

    Don't leave it sit till next November. Once a week or every two weeks if you get a few minutes of free time start it up, go drive it around, let it get up to temp and put some miles on. Letting it sit, disconnecting the battery, mouse traps, moth balls, etc are all the easiest but to much sitting usually ends up causing more problems.
  4. Plowtoy

    Plowtoy Senior Member
    Messages: 929

    KEEP IT ON PAVEMENT!! Dont store it on gravel or dirt. Maybe its just me, but it seems like if you park them on dirt or gravel, you can watch them rust, but if you park it on pavement you will see little progression with rust. I think it has something to do with the moisture that dirt and gravel hold. Anyway do that and put some dryer sheets in the cab and engine compartment to keep the rodants away (that works great, and it will smell good when you get back in it). Good luck!!
  5. BOSS_JG

    BOSS_JG Sponsor
    Messages: 207

    NickT - I am not sure what brand of plow you own but we have some helpful storage procedure tips available in this blog/video: http://info.bossplow.com/Blog/bid/120620/How-To-Prepare-Your-Snow-Plow-For-Storage
  6. gtmustang00

    gtmustang00 Senior Member
    from Berlin
    Messages: 752

    Wash truck, frame, etc, and get the truck oil'd.
  7. Sawboy

    Sawboy PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,700


    All I'll add is to install a battery minder. Less than $50, and keeps the battery fully charged.
  8. yardguy28

    yardguy28 Senior Member
    Messages: 485

    I drop the plow in the garage and drive the truck day in, day out.
  9. Sawboy

    Sawboy PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,700

    Now there is a helpful storage tip? :dizzy:
  10. BigBoyPlowin

    BigBoyPlowin Senior Member
    Messages: 301

    I agree with plowtoy, even keeping it on a board like I do is better than in the gravel.
    Also as someone else said, the best thing to do is to drive the truck every once in a while.. Not sure what truck you'll be storing but I would strip it down out of winter mode so you don't look too funny while driving in the winter. Not only does it keep the fluids in working order but also minimizes the chances of your tires dry rotting.
  11. 1olddogtwo

    1olddogtwo PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 12,174

    Drop it off in Chicago, we'll keep lubed up and charged.
  12. 2ExploreSnow

    2ExploreSnow Member
    Messages: 64

    A bit more info ... Will this truck be taken off Insurance? I would suggest you do and save some $$$, unless of course the policy gets complicated, you need it protected from damage/theft, or you need the option of being able to use as a spare at a moments notice (which it doesn't sound that way).

    Security. They may not be able to drive off without a battery, but you could consider blocking or cable it to something (if that's possible where it's stored). Unless you have an ugly-beat-up & worn out truck that nobody would want.
  13. NickT

    NickT Senior Member
    Messages: 707

    Yea I will have it covered for fire and theft. Also I was wondering if I store it on concrete would it help to put a vapor barrier down like thick plastic? Or will that create more moisture? What about a fuel additive? Do they really work? Has anyone used one before. Thanks for the replies guys
  14. BigBoyPlowin

    BigBoyPlowin Senior Member
    Messages: 301

    Concrete should be fine. I wouldnt go the extra mile and add plastic but thats just me. Interms of fuel and additives. I've never added any of that to my trucks, But then again we start them frequently and such.... But its probably a good idea. Also i've heard its not good to leave it on E and also not too good to top it off before storage. Therefore we leave about 1/4 - 1/2 tank..
  15. merrimacmill

    merrimacmill PlowSite.com Addict
    from MA
    Messages: 1,823

    For all my tractors, we just have about 1/2 to 3/4 tank left in them (since we store indoors), disconnect the batteries, and freshly grease every fitting to push out any standing water. I try to move them once a month, because when I didn't in the past I started forming flat spots on the tires.

    For the rest of the stuff, we generally end up using it from time to time so its not a problem. The service truck might get driven once a month during the busy landscaping seasons by me for the hell of it, but sits otherwise.

    If they were to be stored outside, I would want a full tank in them because I would have to imagine that the inside of the tanks would condensate on those hot summer days and accumulate water in the fuel. If its full, in theory it should not have as much of an opportunity to do that.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2013
  16. beanz27

    beanz27 Senior Member
    Messages: 984

    For storing tractors, if it's farm tractors, put the tire psi to 24 psi, that will make no flat spots. If its small skinny tires, put 36 psi in. Make sure you adjust them back to normal before you actually use them though.
  17. Snow Picasso

    Snow Picasso Senior Member
    Messages: 250

    Absolutely invest in a battery tender. You should leave the tank full! This will keep condensation out of the tank. I take my trucks off of full coverage and put them on comp only. I try to take them for a ride at least once a month. I send my insurance agent an email to let them know I'm taking the truck around the block a few times just to get parts moving again and it's covered! you'll be good to go come winter! Thumbs Up
  18. OC&D

    OC&D PlowSite Veteran
    from Earth
    Messages: 3,064

    +1 on the dryer sheets. I put them in my camper to keep the mice and whatnot out.
    +1 on the battery maintainer

    I'd recommend also having a full tank of fuel (keeps the tank from rusting) and treat it with Seafoam to keep it from turning to varnish--be sure to add the Seafoam and drive it a few miles so the treated fuel can get through the entire fuel deliver system.