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Good morning to all. I'm new to this site. I'm looking to get some opions of the Jeep TJ (1997 to present) as a plow truck. I believe this model does not have the leaf strings on the front axles as the pre 1997 models.

Could a Western 6.5' plow be mounted on the stock truck or would the front end have to be modified with heavier suspension?

Would people recommend a pre 1997 model instead.

I will only be doing residential driveways and sidewalks.

Thanks for your help.

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i used to plow with a 93 wrangler with a 7 ft sportsman western plow. i loved the thing. drive up driveways, turn around and come back down. i havent seen too many of the newer style jeeps with plows. i think the pre 97's are a little more rugged for plowing, cause they changed to the newer design after 97 or so.

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I've heard that Jeeps in general are really quite good as plow trucks. I think if I were going to go that route, I'd hang a SnoWay on there instead, just to save a little more wear and tear on the front end. Unfortunately, I can't give you any advice as to which is better, older or newer. But, if the front end squats a little more than you'd like it to, there are always things like Timbren and Muscle LSE load boosters, or Air Lift air bags if they're available for that particular truck.

Good luck with your decision and welcome to the board!



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THE NEW TJ'S WILL BE FINE TO USE sorry... they use a solid front axle just like the older jeeps however they use coil springs instead of the leaf springs. the dana 30 axle will be fine for a 6.5' plow.


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I have a 94 jeep just bought a western 6.5' sport utility for it and was limited in the plows I could put on it because only western makes the unimount for that year that is pump and lights come off. The dealers said there is more plows opt. for the newer jeeps. Like you I was not sure if to put a plow on it but most every one here at plowsite and others around where i live said that they are great in the snow even the newer ones. The sport plow is only 425# but is only for res and very light com. I could have gone with a 7' and a standerd plow but the weight was a big issue for me. I am not sure what size you are looking for but ask the MANUFACTURE what they would put on it it may come down to warrenty work my be void. Snoway is a good plow too but parts where you live my be the problem the western uses the same part for most of the unimount. Good look with your choice. Sorry no spell check