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Now we are about to start a new season, I start dreaming of a new truck! Here are a couple of questions. How come GM is the only manufactuer to offer a rear window deforster? This is one thing I really miss on my Dodge, and have grown to appreciate on a cold snowy morning on the GM.
Elecric heated mirrors, weren't availible on the 98 GM but I have them on my Dodge. Now a MUST HAVE for plowing. The new GMs have a wiring harness for a emergency light neat idea! Power windows now a MUST HAVE. Why doesn't anybody offer a big load capacity diffence on the front end for a plow package? (eg a Dodge 2500 & 3500 have the same front end load rating). Just thoughts, or hopefully some of the truck reps are watching.



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I remember the days....

when you could build a car or a truck literally from the ground up sitting at a salesmans desk with the option book.

Those were the good old days! if only you could do that now, with all the great options they have today.

What a truck I could build !!!!!

Detroit are you listening???? stop making trucks that think they should be cars.

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I'll 2nd the vote for a rear defroster on the Ram, especially with the quad cab. Also would have liked the heated leather seats.

For some foolish reason you CANNOT get heated leather with the plow prep pkg(AHD).

Otherwise the truck is impressive(diesel).


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The ac runs anytime the selector is in one of the defrost modes, thats always been good enough for me.

IMO the one option definitely needed(which I didnt get) is the $90 heated mirrors.


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My new truck has the heated mirrors and the rear window defogger and power windows and I'm happy to have them... the one thing I'm not sure about is the electronic shift transfer case... Anyone here have them? how do they hold up? I think I'd rather have the lever on the floor...


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Have the electronic controlled transfer case on the 2000 Silverado 1500. So far so good. I really like the auto 4wd for the kinda slick but not really sure days. As for heavy use IE plowing or off roading, deffinetly would rather the floor-yank-me-shifter. This truck won't see any of that though. The only thing I've ever questiond that the T-case did, is that it made a terrible clunking noise after I backed the boat up our long steep driveway and shifted out of low range, on level, in neutral with the brake set. Who knows though, I'll worry when it's warrently gets close to running out. No complaints at all about the truck. 17,000 miles and counting.


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