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Plow truck for sale

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by LEXCOM, Jan 2, 2012.


    LEXCOM Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    For sale is a 1998 GMC K1500 (4x4) with a Meyer plow and a Snow Ex salt spreader with Snow Ex controls. This truck is ready to plow!!
    I bought this truck new back in 1998, used it for my sales job where I traveled in Kentucky. I have used Mobil 1 Syn. oil with a upgraded oil filter not just stock. Have put Slick 50 in it every 75,000 miles plus regular oil changes with Mobil 1 at 5000 miles. Total miles is 300770 but 75% of those are interstate miles. Fires right up and still runs awsome, I would drive thris truck across the country and not worry about anything. Lots of work done to this truck this year and last year.

    New Flywheel, new starter, new fuel lines both pressure and return from the new filter to the back of the engine. New crank sensor, new C.V. axle in the left front,(replaced both three years ago but noticed the boot was loose and replaced the whole shaft) new Ujoint in the rear drive line. Replaced the main brake line to the rear axle. Just balanced and rotated the tires, all of this was done in December 2011.

    Last year I put new brakes and wheel cylenders on and did a lot of front end work. New bushings, control arms, tie rods and sway bushings and new shocks front and back. Also put new distributer and cam sensor in along with new sparkplugs, wires and cap & rotor. Not the cheap ones but the Accell brand. The fuel pump was replaced three years ago. (Delco Remy)

    The truck has a dual battery system that I installed and I put extra leaf spring in it to carry more weight. Just rebuilt the Snow Ex spreader. Put a new auger and transmission in it and upgraded the electrial motor to a Karrier version vs. stock. Took my drill and wire brush and cleaned all rust off and repainted. Went thru the plow, flushed both rams and the pump. Put new filters in the pump and new guide poles on the plow.

    Have a full pallet of salt (49bags while it lasts) and a spare E60 pump that needs rebuilt that goes with the truck. I have plowed the last two years with this truck and was planning on using it again this year but need to sell to pay off tax bill that I got hit with from my mowing business. Almost forgot, drivers side door needs new hinges and inside door handle. The door panel is off but I still have it. The truck is loaded with a ton of salt in the bed right now and is ready to plow today. The tires have pleanty of meat on them, they are Goodyear Wranglers.

    Asking $6500.00 or cash and Scag mower of equal value. Any question please call 859-333-3295 or email me here.
    Thanks, Dean.

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