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Plow Truck For Sale - Maryland

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by Snow_Pusher, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Snow_Pusher

    Snow_Pusher Junior Member
    Messages: 27

    REPOST WITH MODIFICATION: I have a 96 Dodge Ram 2500 we are looking at getting rid of. It comes with or without a 9' Western Unimount plow.

    Truck is a 96, with reg cab and 8' bod. 4x4 with a V10. and approximately 80k miles. The body is in good shape, bed is a bit beat up from pallets and stone but nothing major. The tailgate has a dent in it from backing into the handle of a trailer. Other than that the exterior is in good condition. New carpet on the interior (2 yrs old). The drivers seat has a tear in it from getting in and out and the headliner is starting to come lose. A little TLC and this can all be fixed.

    Its a good strong work truck ready to go.

    We replaced ALL the brake lines 2 years ago, and ALL the transmission lines in October of this year. Just had the transmission completely rebuilt, & new torque converter. Also has new brakes all around. New HD Battery Spring of 2006. Truck is ready to work.

    Would take $6500 for the package or $4500 for truck only.

    Plow is western 9' unimount. I purchased last year from a freind of mine which used it lightly for two seasons. Plow is 4 years old now I think and is in excellent condition.

    I also have a three meyers tailgate spreaders (older style - yellow). They have all been remounted so they slide directly into your hitch reciever. All in working condition, hoppers in good shape. I only have one variable speed controller unit.

    Heres a few pictures I found. Of course the meyers plow has been replaced with a western now, (and no we dont have the meyers plow any more)



    These pictures are from last season. I have a couple of recent pictures which I can email if necessary.
  2. Precision Lawn

    Precision Lawn Senior Member
    Messages: 334


    I will give you 5000 inspected
  3. Nathan Minich

    Nathan Minich Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    Rob...Please get in touch with me again...I haven't heard back from you for several weeks about this truck...
  4. Tiller1240

    Tiller1240 Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    Bump Bump Bump