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One of my subs has an '78 chevy with a fisher plow, the old style with the valve body on the outside. He can't seem to get is plow to go up and down fast, and at times it won't go up and down at all. Filled fluid and replaced old lines and ends as needed, even tried to make an adjustment with the arm that connects to the valve body but nothing worked. Any suggestions? Also if anyone has any diagrams or knows where we can get some type of service manual for this plow it is greatly appreciated. One last thing, sorry to ramble on, but the only identifying numbers on the valvebody are 42008, 8SPOOL1A,8SPOOL2A and the word 'Dukes'. Any help is appreciated, and Chuck, I know you are a Myers fan but do you have any ideas?<p>----------<br>Stephen<br>


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Ok first disconnect cables from valve body. Now operate valve body manually from the head gear. Does that help??<br>If not check and see what the flow from the pump is. May need a new pump, or a new valve body. Does the it angle at the same speed or like normal??<br>If the angle side works normally then my guess is the raise valve. <br>I would start with flushing all fluid, remove caps from ends of valves, and check for residue blocking ports. Blow out all hydro lines, including the one going to raise cylinder. Do not blow air through valve body with caps off.<br>Or it might be 22 years old and need to be replaced. Always start with the simple things.<br>Also if it is the valve body, I would have him install a new one under the hood, and install new cables with a t handle/joy stick design. He will be much happier with that style than the old double cable action he has now.<br>Central parts warehouse has all the parts resonabally.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

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