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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by nsmilligan, Dec 22, 1999.

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    Here's a couple of tips that I use to help me see a little better when plowing. First, spray your wiper blades with a product called Dry Silicone,by 3M, Lift the wipers arms off the windshield, on most vehicles they will stay out on their own when lifted far enough, and give them a good coating, allow to dry for a few minutes, if it's cold or wet out I take mine off and indoors. Once sprayed snow and ice will not build up on the blade, it will last for two or three stroms.<br>Second give your windows (side and rear) as well as mirrors and headlights a good application of a product like Wynns Rain-away READ the directions It makes the glass alot easier to scrap off if ice does form.<br>Happy plowing!<br>Bill
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    I use Rainx on all the windows and mirrors. The snow or sleet barely sticks and makes the wipers job easier. For best results reapply about every two weeks. I'll have to remember to do the headlights now!!
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    I use Rain X also and I agree it is the best, although I dont like the Fog X&gt; It didnt work to great for me.<br>Dino
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    How long should RainX last?
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    I've been using RainX since about 1970.....on the the side & rear windows, it may last up to a year....on the windshield where the wipers contact the depends on how often you use your wipers... I've used it one some of the windows of my house & if you have tiles in your bathroom shower'll work just like on the windows & the water will repel off of the tiles & not leave water marks. :)
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    A local automotive supply (Canadian Tire) has recently been selling a windshield washer fluid with "RAIN-X" additive in it called "Rain X Plus". I've always used "RAIN-X" but found that it did start to lose effectiveness fairly quickly when plowing, I guess 'cause of the amount of the time that the wipers are used when plowing. So, I figured I'd try this stuff. It seems to work really well and it renews itself every time you use washer fluid. I'd recommend giving it or a similar product a try.
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    I agree on the rain-x washer fluid. This is the second season I have been using it and I think it's the best washer fluid I have ever used.
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    Quit using rain-x last year. Using heated windshield wipers and they put a silicone film on the windshield that does the same thing. Water and snow sheet off the windshield.

    Agree with Dino on the FOG-X mixed results with how your windshield slopes. Flatter was better. Good on the 78 and 84 Fords not so good on the new superduty.


    P.s. Got info on heater for the washer fluid and some other tricks. Heated fluid good to about 10deg but still worry about cracking the windshield.

    Using rear window defroster strips for the lower 6" on the front windshield to keep the wiper park area clear. so far so good.

    P.P.S. Everyone with snow this week good luck.
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    A couple of things:
    regarding the heated windshield wipers, I've seen them but was concerned about the longevity of the wiring with all the flexing, how have they held up? Which brand did you use?

    regarding the heated washer fluid, I've seen one electrically heated version, is that the one you're referring to? What I did with one of my older (my 1st, I've kept it around for sentimental reasons) trucks is wrap 1/4" copper line around the heater hoses (then wrap that with water pipe insulation) and routed the washer fluid through it, believe it or not , that worked pretty well.LOL :)
    I don't think that (as long as the windshield is warm enough through use of the defroster) cracking the windshield should be a big issue, it never was with my "rigged up" system but maybe the electrically heated version is hotter
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    Regarding heated windshield washer fluid. It's easy to do with a Dodge 2500 just add an electric fan in front of the tranny cooler, as the reservoir is directly behind the factory cooler, and turn it on when plowing, the fluid will steam when coming out!
    Only problem it will boil the reservoir dry in about 6 hours of plowing, as most washer fliuids are alcohol based. Didn't help clear the windshield any better though.