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Plow speed

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by airportbum, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. airportbum

    airportbum Junior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 1

    My company just bought a 1500 Chevy and leased a large front end loader with a blade mounted to the bucket to plow a unobstructed (for the most most part) 500x1800 foot lot. We are trying to figure out technique and speed. The front end loader has a box style blade (cannot adjust angle) and dumps snow out either side when pushing too much.
    The issues we have are that we are being told the Chevy should be driven *slow* when pushing snow, and then needs to be used to clean up after the big front end loader.

    1) What speed are we looking for with a mostly obstruction free area? The front end loader goes slow no matter what, but what about the Chevy? Is a big area so we have been moving faster then 20mph.

    2)Whats the best technique for using the little truck for cleanup without damaging the blade while pushing little amounts of snow off the clean ramp left by the big monster?
  2. VAhighwayman

    VAhighwayman Senior Member
    Messages: 155

    I would say that you don't want to go faster than 20 with the chevy..really don't need too unless your in a hurry and we all that can lead to a whole different chapter in the book like breakdowns..as far as cleanup...we used to push snow into a windrow for cleanup and then have the loader push that windrow into a pile. You gotta play and experiment for yourself..it's kinda hard to explain it all with words..but I hope this will give you an idea