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I have a meyer 7' plow on my truck and recently it has become extremely slow in letting the plow down, i have to wait for it to lower before every pass. All other controls perform as normal. Does anyone have any ideas of what may be causing this, what i should look at?
thanx in advance

Chuck Smith

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You can adjust the drop speed on that pump.

<IMG SRC="">

Remove the nut in the diagram above. Insert a 3/16" hex key (allen wrench) and loosen the screw. Go a little at a time, loosen it 1/8th turn, and check the drop speed. Stand clear when checking the drop speed. It doesn't take much to speed up the drop.


Since lawnsite doesn't want to load the image, you can see the diagram here, sorry.


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You need a 7 1/2 foot plow for your truck!!!! Ive got one for sale used (Please do not discuss price here, do a private email or message for that info-Thanks Dino). Works great good cutting edge, angle cylinders, markers and deflectors.

I bought an eight footer (still looking for another) and have it to sell. Let me know if you may be interested. Wont do anything for your plow dropping speed but will help with your plowing speed.

Let me know on here or email me at if your interested.

C Mer Land

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I had the same problem with my E-60. Would drop very slowly till the fluid warmed up. The Myers manual troubleshooting section will you give you some tips such as cleaning or replacing your A valve if Chuck's adjustment advice doesn't work. Good luck.

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