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My Western dealer has presented me with a problem that I have not thought nor heard about. I have a 2000 3/4 ton x-cab Super-Duty gas motor truck. Apparently, Ford installs a 4,400lb axle and a 5,200lb axle. Western recommends with the 4,400lb axle, which I have, not to install an 8' or larger blade. Has anybody run into this before? I certainly want the larger blade, but I do not want to destroy my truck. Any insight would be great....

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Chuck Smith is the equipment expert, and Dino (plowking35) is right behind him, and they can answer best....

And I admit I have no real Western experience.....

However, I'd be inclined to follow the manufacturers recommendations. They make them for a reason.

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The axles are the SAME, the SPRINGS are different.

They make 4400, 5200, and 6000# springs for the front of the F250 & F350.

Swap out the springs and bolt that 9.5' on!

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Ford axles

F250/F350 SRW's get a Dana 50. F350 DRW gets a Dana 60. Rear is a Sterling I believe.



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Just swap to heavier front springs, the axel is the same. That is why always get the plow prep with a truck if you are going to plow. Alot cheaper to get the option from the dealer then to install them after the fact.

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wrtenterprises, you need to get different springs to upgrade your front gross axle weight rating. All new Ford superduty F250's and F350's have the Dana 60 axle(solid straight axle). You should be able to look on your door sticker and read your axle code. In your Ford Manual it should have a list of axle codes and their ratings(my '96 manual does). The code spring that you want is "X". The 'X' springs are the 5200 lbs springs, and coincidentally also the springs that come with the snow plow prep. package. since you have a 4400 axle you should not have the 'X' spring code. 4400 seems pretty wimpy for the Dana60. I'm surprised. My '96 Dana 50 TTB has a rating of 4600 lbs. anyway, if you look at a truck on a dealers lot with the snow plow prep, or what Ford calls the 'highest front capacity springs' or something like that, you should see the 'X' spring code on the door sticker. Some guys I know have gotten Ford to swap their springs out for free and put in the 'X' spring because the front end of the truck sagged without them(didn't sit level). You might try going to "" and searching the forums for this. I wouldn't get your hopes up for the free replacement though. anyway, good luck.
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The X springs for a Super Duty are 6000 lb. Also, the front axle on a 250 and 350 SRW is a Dana 50. You don't get a 60 until a 350 DRW. And the rear is a Sterling 10.5(Like my buddy Dave O said:D)


Likes been said before, you have the right axle, just the wrong springs;) For your truck, the U code springs will make it 5200 lbs. But if you are going to change the springs anyway, get the X's. If you can't get the dealer to swap them under warranty(I did, but it's very difficult, especially with a gasser) just buy them from the parts counter. All the spring codes are the same cost(about $120) so I would recommend the X's.


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The 'X' springs enable the axle to have a GAWR of 5200 pounds. But yes I think the springs are rated at 6000. make sense? Also, as far as I know my 1996 F250 has a Dana 50 front end. It is the IFS or Twin Traction Beam front end. Ford does not use the Dana 50(TTB) on their 4x4 Superduty trucks anymore. The 4x4's only have the solid front axles now. And as far as I know, with the new F250, F350, and F350 duallies, that axle is the Dana 60 or even bigger. I don't think the bigger ones show up until the F450 and F550 applications. I am pretty sure about this info, but I'd love to know if it is wrong. I don't want to give out incorrect advice. thanks, Nick.

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SD axles


To the best of my knowledge only the F350 DRW comes with a Dana 60 front. I don't know if they changed that for this years model, but I did a LOT of research on the 99/00 models(before I bought my Ram...LOL). I almost bought a SD.

You are correct that the 250/350 SRW comes with a solid axle, not the TTB that your 96 has. There may two styles of Dana 50's, one solid, one TTB. I know my F150 has a Dana 44 TTB(early 80's).

Also FYI I believe the numerical designator refers to the designed load capacity. IE a Dana 50 is rated for 5000lbs, 60 is rated for 6000 lbs, by Dana. The truck manufacturer's spec their own rating on the entire assembly(springs/brakes/tires).

Have you beaten any Ram's yet!?!?....LOL My buddy went 13.90's last month with his(bigger injectors than mine).


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thanks for the info guys. another thing that added to my confusion was the old F350 4x4's came with a solid front end Dana 60. Srw had these. I thought they had just continued to use them and were now putting them on the F250's as well. anyway, thanks, Nick.

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