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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by mlc, Feb 17, 2001.

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    When and where are the trade shows / seminars for the plowing industry? Any in the Northeast? I typically attend a few green industry trade shows but would like to attend a show show. I've recently added snow services to compliment my summer work and I'd love to see some off the equipement first hand thats discussed on the forum. The NTEA show looks great, just wish that it wasn't so far away. Great forum. Thanks. Steve.
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    The federal highway admin held one in Albany in sept 99. This year it was further south, they move it every year. SIMA held one last year in Portland Maine, this year it is in Denver CO. The SIMA show is really the only trade specific show around. They also will have a trade show as well this year along with educationial sessions. they are the only group that is geared towards the contractor side of things as well.
    Most shows are geared towards the state or municiple side of things, but being now that I am in on the product side, I hear about alot more shows. One is the NTEA show in Baltimore, and also the APWA, which will be in Indiana in April. I hear also of a show in Portland Maine come May.Also alot of distributors have regional shows in the fall.

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    mlc, The Masscon show in Boston does have some plows on display by local installers.
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    You can learn more about the SIMA show at

    Brochure on SIMA show is included in Lawn and Landscape this issue in Snow Business (L&L's snow insert).

    Lawn & Landscape will also have a signup form in their next two issues in the main body of the magazine.
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    Please post about the Indiana show or e-mail me when/if you find out the specifics. That is my neck of the woods and I would be very interested in attending.

    Also any of the mid-west area contractors that would be there and like to get together e-mail me at Maybe we could try to put some sort of lunch bash together or something.

    Well I don't know either suggest something or whatever seems like a good chance to meet each other.

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    I will be at that show as well, in the MPT booth. The urethane company that I sell for has a booth for that show.
    I will post details when I get them.
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    Where is the Highway show this year 99 Albany,2000 Baltimore.and 2001 ? I thought I heard Portand!
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    I dont know where the FHA show is this year, I will have to find out.
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    Well as JD said the Masscon show March 7&8 then in september the MHA show at fort Devens then the Wellsely has a highway show during the summer i think. And all these shows have plows and related equipment. JD Plower Just saw your pics of your trucks looks good.You plow the assembelly square mall in somervile?