Plow shoes and diff edges ??


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Hey you know those round metal plow shoes I think they are called ? Where are they supposed to be set up at , ?? shoud the edge be contacting the ground or should the shoes keep it up a bit ?? what about with a u edge ?? I would think they would carry the weight of the plow with a softer edge or shoud I just take them off all together and bury them in the garden to add Iron content to the soil..LOL....

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Use them to hold your garage doors open. Unless you have overhead doors, then use them to throw at rats.


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i do mostly gravel residentials so i leave my shoes on but set them so the edge and the shoe are both on the ground evenly (or as close as possible) the plow seems to trip less and move less stone, if I were doing blacktop all the time i would use them for canoe anchors :) why cant the put electric actuators on the shoes so you can have them up or down at a flick of the switch just an Idea. happy holidays folks

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Actually I have used them before. A friend of mine has the new Gillete Stadium plow contract. Last year when we plowed there were a lot of lots that were just gravel. The shoes help on the gravel because it keeps the cutting edge off of the ground. They were paying us to plow the lots, not grade them like a bulldozer. On pavement we take them right off.


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Ah, the good old shoe question. I used them my first year and a half cause I didn't know any better. I figured they must be there for a reason, so I'll use them. I'm now with the school of thought that they're useless, at least for plowing. I do all residential with mostly gravel drives and they dig in just as bad if nothing is frozen IMO. And that U-edge is coming this week so it's bye-bye shoes forever!



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I have like 10 pair of plow shoes all look and are brand new.
Our u edges can be used with no shoes, on gravel and paved surfaces.
Back when we did use steel, I would just bump the lift arm up a touch, and plow gravel that way.


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i tried them once when i had my meyers...we have a couple of gravel lots....only thing they did was make me cold as heck when i adjusted them for the gravel....after that i would just tap my plow up about an inch or two and plow the gravel lots that way....
never even put them on my new western...

new western plow shoes for sale....invaluable for plowing....100 bucks...get 'em these prices they won't last long....:D :eek: :D


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I used to put them on anytime I had to plow a dirt drive or road. Now I just back-blade the drives so the edge doesn't dig in and I let the dirt roads get a base packed down. They sit in my garage now. I think I might try that boat anchor idea.

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Re: I don't get it?

Originally posted by MLB
I mean why would they put them on the plows if they aren't good for anything? (newbie here):confused:

Not to offend ya,, but did you notice that almost everyone tried to use them when they were a "newbie"? They don't keep you from diggin in when it's soft and they prevent you from scraping clean on pavement. I don't know why they're standard equipment either, there's a couple sets around here somewhere. They will get used now, you have to run one shoe in the center of our Sno-Way vee plows.

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