Plow sensor ? por que no!

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Lou, Jan 5, 2001.

  1. Lou

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    Have been plowing Way out West for seven winters now. It seems not to matter what Coast one is on, one problem seems to be shared by all of us. How to keep a plow from digging up the turf, cinder, gravel etc. There is some high tech stuff out there. What we need is a sensor linked to the toggle or keypad to "read through the snow to the ground", and adjust the blade heighth accordingly.I'm sure there is existing equipment that could be re-configured to meet our needs. Hope that one of us can come up with an easy, cheap, universial application. Hope I don't have to read through posts of why it can't be done. Wish I had the resources to do it myself.
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    If were going to get into technology maybe we should start installing radiant heat in parking lots with drainage channels that bring the melted snow to a giant holding bin to be used for irrigating the lawns in the summer.
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    It sounds to me like you are in need of a very special cutting edge,one that is renouned through out You may even find that is somehow involved in the manufacture and most certainly in the distibution of these spectacular edges.What you need is a urethane edge,how do you get one you may ask,well are you in luck because right here at we have our very own urethane edge pusher/dealer,he lovingly calls himself plowking we all think of him more as Dino(you know like the Dinosour from the flintstones).He can be reached anytime at 860-859-0739,so give him a call and have your credit card ready.
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    they already have the technology to do it URETHENE CUTTING EDGE

    nuff said...
  5. finnegan

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    damn it! I thought if Icould keep my post short enough I'd beat digger to the post...
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    I really need to get a digital camera and set the record straight...
  7. Chuck Smith

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    Just take pics with a regular, even a disposable camera. Then have them developed on a Kodak Picture CD. Then you can put them up here or on a web page.

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    Lou,non ascolta questi tipi urethene sminuzzi dei bordi squarceranno l'erba esattamente come molto in qualità d'altra lama qualunque! Conosco che il suo detto. Hanno la technology per modo di dire i suoi parlante di quello loro usa dei dozers e dei graders terra il servizio toccante. Che conosca quale they'll buscare degli anni ad una coppia il tasso la technology stia andando! Che Lei parlare la causa Italiana Spagnola sono essere sicuramente molto chiuda! Sono grazioso buone dei mie Italiano e bene penso dei mie Spagnolo che lo scrissi ambedue! Questo dovrebbe scuotere su pressapoco turbi!

    Lou, Whats your pleasure? :)

    ¡Lou no oír a a los estos hombres urethene cortador los bordes rasgarán el césped exactamente tan mucho paleta tan ninguna y otra! Sé eh su dicho. Hay la tecnología como su discutir de esa ellos usan las dozers y las graders mundos trabajo movedizo. ¡Quién sepa cuál they'll tercie un par los años a la tarifa la tecnología vas! ¡Que usted hable causa Española Italiana ellos sea estuve seguro muy tape! ¡Soy bonito bueno con mis Italiano y y alright yo supongo con mis Español que yo lo escribí ambo! ¡Éste debería mueva arriba alguno inquiete!

    Ciao E (Y) Adios !!
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    Say what you will, Bill, but I plowed a mess of gravel surfaces this last storm, and smooooooooth as glass. I have the pics at my web site http://www.allthingsiceandsnow.
    If the u edge wont move recycled asphalt grindings 1 week after they were installed they are not going to move gravel.
    Remeber, stone driveways are not gravel, and pea stone certainly is not gravel. I just pushed off half on my parents back yard,so mom and can feed all the birds on the east coast, and no damage whats so ever.
    If you are having problems with it, call me, I would be glad to try to work out a solution for you.
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    Yo !!!

    Fire up that Spanish edition of Lawnsite, will ya ??

    And, move that post over there.....

    I can't tell if there's any vulgarity in that post Guido.

    How the heck is Dino gonna edit that stuff ??
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    I dont plow any gravel (or stone) lots or drives so its no problem for me, I did one gravel driveway last week, one shot deal and it plowed it up, thats all I was saying, I probably wont do any more so for me its a moot point, Id just like to get a picture of it up so you can see what happened on gravel (or stone, last I knew they were one and the same, tomato, tomahto whats the diff?)

    FWIW recycled asphalt, if vibrated when laid down is just as hard as regular pavement so Im not surprised it wont come up, urethane, cardboard, or steel notwithstanding.
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    No vulgarities!

    I promise! ;)
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    Ok Bill here is the scoop on garvel vs stone.
    Stone is just stone, no sand no dirt just rocks usually all of the same size, layed down over the gravel that is underneath.
    Gravel, is a mix of sand dirt and stones, usually of varying sizes. Processed gravel is sand and stone mix, with the largest stone being 3/4".
    The reason why it matters is that stone will not pack down very tight, where as gravel will. So the stone will still be loose on top allowing it to be pushed off easily, where as the gravel will pack in, and wont be pushed upi easily.
    However on gravel with a steel edge, it is a bumpy ride at best, and with the urethane its alot easier on truck plow and operator.
    As far as the asphalt grinding driveway goes, you are right, this year it is very hard, but last year it was brand new, if you look at the pic, you see I have a handfull of the surface in my hand,so that shows that the material was still loose.