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Plow selection

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by PPP, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. PPP

    PPP Member
    Messages: 95

    I don't know if I've ever posted before, but I have researched much via this web community and see it is a Great Resource. Although I am a third generation GM man I have recently been swayed to purchase a Ford. Previously I plowed with a 1988 v-3500 DRW 165 in wheel base. It is very tight in many driveways. It has an 8ft fisher and has treated me well in doing driveways as well as some commercial lots. I placed an order for a F-250 SC LB V-10 (158 wb). It comes in, in a few weeks. It should be a dream to drive in comparison to the older GM. I ordered it with the auto and camper suspension on the dealer recommendation for the heavier springs and the extra helpers in the rear (truck is a daily driver and see's some loads). They are going to install a steering stabilizer for no charge when it comes in. There is wide spread support for Fisher Plows in my area and a growing presence for Curtis Plows. Although I would like to try a Boss out closet dealer it almost 100 mikes away and forget a Blizzard almost a half days drive to find a dealer. After having seen many V plows in action I feel that this is the right fit for me. I'll probably be doing more residential and small commercial lots now that I'll have a more maneuverable plow rig. I need the extended cab and the 8 ft bed for the 10 months a year it is not snowing. I see it's been mentioned many times that the center shoe wears out on the Boss V plow. Is this true of all V plows? I also see it has been debated on the full trip vs the trip edge. How much of a difference does this make in a V plow? My concern with the Fisher is that it does not have the lock in straight position like the Boss set up. And now with a new truck I will be placing an 8 foot 6, blade. Any feed back would be much appreciated.