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Plow Push Plate alignment during install

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by Kyle Reasbeck, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Kyle Reasbeck

    Kyle Reasbeck Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    Great site here guys, lots of info. You'll have to forgive me as this may be a very novice question, but i'm putting a fisher MM2 on my 07 CTD 3500 Dodge. I ordered a new set of push plates and started to put them on tonight and it seems like there's some poor alignment. I realize there is a fair amount of slop in where the mount slides in to the headgear so i may be getting concerned over nothing.

    When installing the center bar inbetween the two push plates it basically makes them cockeyed, as if the center bar is pushing out on the two plates. If i remove the bar and square the plates up with the frame rails, its pretty far off (almost a hole diameter) from the pattern in the center bar. Measuring inbetween the plates when square (no center bar) gives me basically 1/8" play on the inside and lots of slop (5/8") on the outside where the plates slide into the headgear. I'm concerned if i push the plates out to put the center bar in (where they end up being slightly crooked) that the pin from the headgear wont slide through the push plate. So my options (as i see them:confused:):

    a) install the center bar with the existing holes, letting the plates be crooked. If enough slop in the pin holes, i'd assume this would be fine.

    b) square the push plates and drill new holes in the center bar. I would think this would help with pin alighment but make make things difficult with the tight fit inbetween the plates.

    Figured i'd ask the experts here, opinions?