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I just wanted to ask the veterans of this forum about maintaning plows. I have been plowing for a few years now but it was always with someone elses trucks. I now have a 88 ford/fisher 7.5 and a 99 ford/fisher 8' min. mount. I have the truck maint down fine but how/how often do you guys change fluid/filters in the pumps. Should i just have a fisher dealer do it or is it pretty easy?? thanks for the help. This place is great!!!!

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Change the fluid?
Just kidding. If you are mechanically inclined then I consider plows easy as you put it. I change the fluid in my Fisher once a year, and that's all I've had to do with it. You want to make sure you drain the hoses & angle cylinders too & clean or replace any filters. There are directions for doing this on Chuck's web site so check that out (his directions are for his Meyer set up but you do the same steps with your Fisher). This makes me think of a question that I've had about mine. I have a belt drive Fisher pump and I've never been able to find a filter. Can someone enlighten me?

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A point I've seen mentioned is to change the fluid in the fall just before the plowing season starts so any condensation (water in system + cold temps = ice = no function!) that has built up over the off season is disposed of.

As well, once the plowing season has ended check over the entire plow for bolts/pins getting sloppy, any cracks developing in the plow or mount, any bent components and your mounting bolts for tightness. Repair (or have repaired) any problems right away in the spring. Otherwise (voice of experience here) you'll be scrambling before or during the first snow to get things in order.

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