plow problems or not


Brooklyn, NY
i was plowing yesterday in that slush that we call snow. it seems that when im pushing with my plow angeled to the left, i stop at the pile back up and the plow is stuck in that angel. i move the plow up and down a couple of times, then i can move it to the right. what do you think my problem is?

meyers e-47 8.5ft

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Plow problems

As I stated in an earlier post, I admit to not being a hydraulics or Meyer expert but I wonder if the problem is being caused by dirt in the system? Perhaps giving the
hydraulic system a thorough flush and refill with new fluid might help? Just an idea.

1975 GMC C-35


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I have a e47 that use to get stuck angled to the right. I replaced the c valve problem solved. It might be worth a shot. Chuck would no better than me though.

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