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Eliel Correa

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Good afternoon, I have a Fisher 8’ straight blad on a 06 chev silverado 2500. I plow a 13 thousand square foot commercial lot, and pile all my snow in the back of building, so I have to maneuver the snow around and because of that I want to add a pro wings, however I’m concerned if the extra weight (62)lb will over time damage the hydraulics. Also because the truck will care a lot more snow if that’s a problem for the truck.
I don’t see a lot wings on straight blad out there.
Thank you all.


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I have an 04 2500 and had the pro wings on an 8.5' Meyer. Now have an 8' Western with custom wings built for the plow. Truck handles both fine, and hydraulics never slowed down with the weight (many people do it).

You can always take the wings off if it gets too much. I could never go back to plowing without wings!


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We have 9 straight blades with wings (it’s kinda an Alaska thing... very few v blades here)

it doesn’t mess up your hydraulics
Very useful for long carries on snow storage
Annoying to manuver in traffic or parking lots
But beyond that... I can’t really think of any negatives

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