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Chuck Smith

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Someone mentioned plow pins in another thread. Something about the crappy ones Meyer gives you with new plows.

The pin in the bottom of this pick is the type I use. It's better than the "hairpin" cotter, and 100X better than the "external" type pin Meyer uses.

<img src="">

It's the same type of pin most walk behind mowers use on the front casters. I never sheared one, or had any problems with them in the past 5 years. I do replace them every year, since they get rusty and "stiff".

The pin in the top of the pic, is one I used years ago, that was 6" long, and cheap. You can see how the pin hole elongated. I changed it mid season.



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same pins i use, not a lost or broken one in 5yrs.
allthough like chuck said, they get rusty and stiff.
this is off topic but i looked at a new 8.2 boss plow last night, what a plow that's some serious beef.was quoted 3800.00 installed. dreamn't all night about it.


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A Boss plow is NOT off the subject, actually.

Buy one and you'll not talk about pins again.

We used to have have 7 pins per truck (including back plow) and always kept extra in the shop and in the trucks.

Now we can hook-up quicker and only a handful of our older trucks needs pins.

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dyna plow

Put a dab of neversieze on each side of the joint where the loop spins and you'll be allright. Every piece of equipment in our shop that had cotter pins have been switched over to lynch pins and we use never seize on them and we have no problem with them.

What I hated the most about slip pins (The top one in the pic), (besides them breaking easily) was when you had to a yank one off with some force and you slam your knuckles into something. Arggggh!

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I know that feeling ALL TOO WELL!!! My spreader has those cheesy pins on it, pulled em off and smacked my hand on one of the braces. I hate working on things in the cold!


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