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plow parts, western boss, meyers, fisher, buyers

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by 76CHEVY, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51


    MSC04317 Boss 13 Pin Light & Cntrl Hrn P/S SH2 $50.00

    HYD01694 Boss Pump Only, Barnes Pwr Unit $200.00



    Western / Fisher

    7923 10" lift Power Pack used primarily on the MM1 and some early MM2 plows $1,250.00

    56139 Western Cable Controlled Power Pack $1,400.00

    65571 Western / Fisher 7 Pin Truck Side V-Box Harness $50.00

    61546 / 8265 Western / Fisher Snowplow headlight adapter for 2B / 2D bulbs $30.00

    95400 Coupler Kit - Direct Drive Western / Fisher $60.00

    56472 Western Circuit Board W/Key Pad $100.00

    66611 Western Harness-MVP Plow side $85.00

    64212 Fisher/Western Elbow - 90 deg JIC - Pump Side $4.00

    61716 Western Lite Adapter quad HB3/4 MVP $25.00

    64100 Western / Fisher headlight kit 11 pin $150.00

    61585 Western Adapter -quad HB3/4 Straight blade $30.00

    63693 Fisher / Western Repair Kit SC/PF Spreader Side 3 or 4 Pin $25.00

    62550K Western angle cylinder $65.00


    15889 Meyer Pump Assy - E-58H, E-68, E-78 & E-88 $125.00

    15967 Meyer New Style Valve Assy. W/Couplers $475.00

    22691 T/S Main Harness E68/V68 $125.00

    22262 Plow harness for Meyer MDII and EZ Mount Plus $85.00

    22154 Meyer Touch Pad Controller $150.00

    07400 Meyer DRL Module GM 2003 $35.00

    22261 Truck harness for Meyer MDII and EZ Mount Plus $75.00

    07347 New Style Headlight Module KIT $50.00

    15725 Meyer Old Style T/S Harness Black Round Plug $35.00

    07183 Meyer Headlight Module (DRL-Chevy 99) $35.00

    07968 Meyer N/S Angle Cylinder- 1.5" x 10" $45.00 (07968 is an aftermarket cylinder)

    08562 Meyer Hinge Pin w/Clip` $8.00

    15791 Meyer "F" Coil $15.00

    15793 Meyer "H" Coil $20.00

    15718 Meyer New Style Valve Assy. W/Couplers $500.00

    PLEASE NOTE* If purchasing this valve block to replace the older style P/N: 15758 or 15718 valve assembly, you must update the two Hose Side quick coupler half's as well. They are part numbers 22291 & 22292.

    Also note: Originally Meyer had a "Ball" type coupler end that was replaced by a "Pin" type very similar to the new style listed above. The older pin type is NOT compatible
    with the new style pin type.

    Buyers / salt dogg

    3005414 Salt Speader Motor Fits Buyers Mini TGSUV1 TGSUG1A $75.00

    3004869 Buyers Auger Assembly Spinner TGSUV1 $30.00

    3014199 SaltDogg variable speed controller SHPE0750, SHPE1500, SHPE2000,SHPE4000 $400.00

    WSE1 Spray System Controller $150.00

    BH82516WMK 8-Ton Combination Hitch with 2-5/16" Chrome Ball $60.00
    Drop forged Black powder coat finish Forged steel ball Interchangeable hitch balls Drawbar Eye Dimensions: 2-1/2" to 3" I.D. with 1-1/4" to 1-9/16" diameter section Individually boxed with drilling template and capacity decals Ball size: 2-5/16" M.V.L. 3,000 lbs M.G.T.W. 16,000 lbs

    I have pictures of everything please feel free to email with any question. Everything is brand new never used most still in the OEM boxes
  2. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

  3. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

    i will entertain all offers within reason
  4. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

    ....its time to start getting them plows ready
  5. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

    Two more Western parts for sale.

    Ultramount lift arm 67850-1 55.00

    Western MVP Keypad and harness 69280 $200
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2012
  6. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

    got another western part new in the box

    27170 ultra mount to unimount conversion kit. $170

    This kit bolts onto an ULTRA mount kit converting it to a UNI mtg plow hook up.

    Please Note* You may need to change the Headlights and control harness on the plow as well as some of the newer trucks require a 12 pin headlight & Harness kit. The Uni mount is a 9 pin system.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2012
  7. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

    come on its about time to start pulling out the plows someone must need some parts.....all offer will be considered as long as they are loiw ball offers.
  8. tuney443

    tuney443 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,847

    .all offer will be considered as long as they are loiw ball offers.

    OK--I'm in--$1.00 for everything,offer is only good till 12PM EST today!!!! That low ball enough for you? If not,I could come down to $.50.
  9. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

    i guess thats what i get for not rereading my post
  10. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

    It should be .......as long as they are NOT low ball offers.....
  11. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

    bump back to the top

    BOSS V PLOW Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    im lookin for the whole light assembly....some jack stick stolen mine...let me know if you have that
  13. 76CHEVY

    76CHEVY Member
    Messages: 51

    Sorry i only have a lens and a housing left.
  14. DStrabb

    DStrabb Member
    from MI
    Messages: 36

    Do you still have the housing?
  15. hammerstein

    hammerstein Senior Member
    Messages: 318

    Is this still available

    WSE1 Spray System Controller $150.00