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I'm getting ready to pull apart my Meyers 7.5 plow to have it bead blasted, then prime/paint it. I am going to do a complete go-over, new hoses...<p>One thing that I am planning on is a new cutting edge. I have been toying with the idea of a (an?) urethane edge. <p>I'd like to hear the plusses and minuses of these types of edges. Better scraping? Less noise? lighter weight? Longer wear? LEss damage? <p>I also seem to remember someone saying that they need to be &quot;cut in&quot; run for some time to get some wearr on them, to set the angle of the ground. How long will it take to achieve optimum angle? <p>What is the cost of such an edge compared to a standard steel one?<p>So lets hear it, your best sales pitch for the urethane edges.
Dino called me last week and we discussed a bunch of things including edges. Since then (all aspects seem to be in favour of the urethane except the 2&quot; front overhang, but my pea brain is working on that one each night), I have been toying with the idea of moving my residential focus to the high-end paving stone drives with a no-blade-damage guarantee. Nobody else will do that. The price tag will be steeper accordingly. Dino - how do the edges work on a pull plow?<br>John


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Go to my web site<br> and read my article about the edges. Or call me direct at 860-859-0739<br>and I will be glad to discuss in detail the edges. My article does cover just about all the ?? one would have about the edges.<br>On a pull plow they would be even better, seeing as you would have downpressure. <br>We chatted with the snowman rear pull plow people and they were very excited about a urethane edge.<br>Cost is an artbitary subject, up front they are about 275 plus shipping for an 8'.<br>But that will get you three cuting surfaces, and each one will last 2-5x longer than steel. So you get at least 6 times the wear of stel edges, at a cost of 100 each, the urethane is 1/2 the amount of steel. <br>Then when you add a cost figure for repair to trucks and lawns, you will save even more money.<br>Dino <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

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