Plow or truck problem

I have a 1989 F250 regular cab and a Western plow, I do not know how old it is though. When I plow the plow just lays down flat. Like when you hit a curb and the plow goes forward but it dose it all the time. It is not that the snow is to heavy because the snow was only 3”. I just put new leaf springs on the front of my truck. The plow worked fine last year so I don’t know what is wrong so if you guys could help me out I would highly appreciate it, thanks.


Stamford, CT
My initial thought would be that your trip springs are shot!

Look at them , see if you can see any spots in the coils that are broken. IF NOT, they are either too loose or completely worn out. I am not too familar with westerns, used one many years ago, and don't recall any adjustments on them.

You MAY have to replace them. Also make sure you don't have a cracked a-frame or sheered pins on your plow frame.

Alan Addict
The problem is caused by those new springs on your truck. It's sitting higher now and changign the angle of the push agsinst the plow. Instead of pushing forward there is now some element of "down" in the force from truck to plow. That's what is holding the plow tripped. Check that the plow "A-frame is roughly level to the ground when the plow is in normal position. Do you have any options of the height where the plow mounts to the truck? If so, you may be able to adjust there.

Not too likely that the trip springs died while the plow was sitting. The only change that has been made is height of the truck, depending on how severe the new springs raised it.

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