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Plow?, or snowblower? or both?

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by logfarmer, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. logfarmer

    logfarmer Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    Hi Yall,
    This will be a long post. I have 180 acres in NE washngton state with 3 home sites on the property. One site is where I live the other two are more or less shacks. The property is about 1 mile long along a creek bed running between two county roads one paved the other gravel about 3/4 Mile apart. The two county roads are more or less at the same elevation the house I live in is on one side of the creek about 1/2 mile of dirt driveway one elevation drop of about 40 ft at a 3to 4 % grade maybe 1/8 mile long. This is the main plow job for now. I do want to plow to at least one of the other sites which is about another 5/8 mile away about 70 ft elevation drop to the bridge across the creek and then back up 20 ft or so with 90 degree turns on 6% grades and etc. I plowed this for 4 years in the 90's when we lived there with the 73 Chev. After allowing the 1st renter to use the plow the transmission went out which has since been rebuilt. There are numerous places where there is no where to put the snow so it must be pushed from 75 to 150 ft to where it can be piled out of the way. I have about a 100 ft x 200 ft oval between garage and shops at my house and another narrow circle at the other house. There is a place to push the snow in both places but at the one it is about 100ft x 40 ft wide and the other is100 x 200 which is a lot of back and forths. Now in a bad year for snow sometines there is not much snow maybe two ft for the year other times it might be 5 ft or more.
    The plow did work well enough for the 4 years even with having to pile snow some years in the tunnel areas.
    I am considering getting a 5 ft wide front snowblower for the Kubota BX 22 it hooks up to the mid PTO. THe tractor is 4 years old the truck is 34 years old. Tractors do not have the same kind of break down problems as a truck does
    The plow truck is a dedicated farm truck it does not leave the property so will not have a lot of miles put on it.
    The ground does not alway freeze up before the snow falls.
    I wil be plowing about 1 mile or so per snowfall
    Now here are my Questions:
    Any idea how the snow blower will hold up with this kind of work.
    Is the th350 trans going to be a continual problem needing to be rebuilt every 4 or 5 years, or is it a decent trans for plowing?
    I was told always to plow in low range is that true?
    How bad is it for the transmission and the truck to plow uphill on those grades from 3 to 6% about 1/8 mile long? Since I am there and can get to it in a timely manner it can allways be plowed down hill its obvioulsy twice the trips to plow down hill only.
    About how much would it cost to convert the Meyer to a power angle?
    What kind of bulk oil can I use in the E46?
    How hard would it be on the 2001 Silverado to use it as the main plow vehicle, front end, transmission, driveline ?? its my last option but maybe I should consider it.
    Thanks in advance,
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2007
  2. powerjoke

    powerjoke PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,341

    wow thats alot of reading LOL

    my suggestion would be the blower for the tractor, although it will be slower and it is touhg with just 1 or 2 inches but if you get alot of snow at one time i would suggest it,this would also cure the stacking problem

    but if you decide to use the truck and you need to upgrade from a manual angle i would suggest e-bay'ing a used power V that would also help with stack problems
  3. RipT

    RipT Senior Member
    Messages: 184

    First of all, Welcome to the forum Martin !!

    I can't answer all your Qs, but I will toss in a few comments. I plow a similar amount and type dirt/gravel private road & parking areas @8000 ft in Colorado mostly with a '98 Chev 2500 PU. A 10" snow takes me about an hour to 1 1/2. I always plow in 4WD/Lo Range with chains on rear and 5 to 700 lb ballast. Chain up the front for big storms (18" +)

    I also have a 6 ft blower (also a 7' blade & snow bucket) for a PowerTrac 1845 articulated diesel 45 HP open-cab tractor for back-up and the Real Serious storms (3 to 6 ft). I'll tough it out once in a while or after the sun comes out & the wind stops when the tractor is really needed, but would not want to routinely have to use an open-cab machine. A blower is also much slower than a plow.

    So.....I would keep the '73 going until it cost too much. but have a blower for the tractor for back up and the places you need to put the snow where a plow can't.

    Your Silverado can certainly handle a plow (stick with a standard straight blade or the weight gets too much), and with the current quick mounts, are pretty easy to on/off. I have no idea what is involved in adding power angle to an old Meyer.

    Where abouts in WA is your property? I fly in to SeaTac and cross the border at Sumas fairly often.

    I will be away from computer for next several weeks, so will not be able to respond for a while.

    Good Luck, Rip
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2007