Plow or Pusher ?

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    Going back to the late 90's I had a 8 1/2 foot Western Vplow on a truck.
    Flash Forward to today.. There's been a lot of changes in plows since then.
    I haven't really dived into the differences between a boss and a western Vplow.
    And I don't own a 'newer' type of Vplow
    But recently saw a Boss Vplow. These plows seem like they now have higher moldboards with even higher plow edges on the outsides of the plow than my plow from the 90's.
    Years back there was always talk about pushers being able to carry more snow and being more productive than a plow.

    With all things equal, equipment, lot, etc, 8 1/2 wide Vplow vs same for pusher.
    (I also realize that pushers are normally 8,9,10 etc wide.)....
    I understand that with a plow truck normally your only plowing in one direction vs maybe being able to plow two directions with a pusher with different equipment. Im not questioning that.
    So I guess the question is..
    Is a pusher still carrying more snow per pass and still more productive than today's newer Vplows?
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    This isn't apples to apples, and it's a Broad estimate, but will give u an idea. I think I took this screen shot from here. You can search for it to read the rest of it.
    Hope this helps.
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