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Plow or not to Plow

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by firemonkey88, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. firemonkey88

    firemonkey88 Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    Ok guys I'm new here and my last post was way to long. I did some searches and got a few responses so thanks to all who helped. Here is the new situation:
    I got two trucks:
    1990 GMC K-1500 Extended Cab Short Bed 350 4sp Auto
    1990 Ford F-250 Standard Cab Long Bed 351 EFI 4sp Manual (Wrecked)

    I just came across a deal with this guy on my vol fire department. He has a 2002 Western 7.5 Pro Plow Unimount. I can get it for like $500 bucks for everything but the mount and wiring. I can also work the price of the plow off by plowing for him for the rest of the winter with it. The ford is what I was going to make my plow truck, and I was going to sell the GMC to buy a new truck. I have the ford apart working on the body and it wont be done till summer. So what I am thinking of doing is setting the plow up on the GMC for the rest of the winter and then getting a set up to put the plow on the ford for next winter and then selling the gmc.

    1) Would the GMC be able to handle this plow and make a decent plow for small-medium commercial work and residential work?
    2) If so do I need to get anything special for it besides the mount and the wiring?
    3)Is it worth it to buy the stuff to set up the gmc and then set up the ford or should i just keep it on the gmc and forget the ford.
    4) Forget this deal and wait till the ford is finished to find a deal on a plow.

    Again sorry for the length thanks for any input you guys got for me.