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Plow or Blower?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by n0tneeded, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. n0tneeded

    n0tneeded Junior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 12

    Not positive if I'm in the right thread but lets give it a shot. I am a recent home buyer for the first time and now I have my driveway to take care of and also my parents so I can help them out. I'm only about 10 miles away and my parents are on the drive home from work.

    I was wondering if buying a plow is a good idea or just save the money and get a good snow blower. I have a F-250 with the plow prep package so I know I would be able to hook a plow up to my truck.

    Whatever you guys think is the best way to go, I was wondering if you could recommend a plow or blower for me to look into. I know this could go into a product war but I'm just looking for simple pros & cons with price involved. I know off the top of my head, I have a western dealer say about 15 miles away from my house and a fisher in the opposite direction but I would guess about the same distance.

    Sorry for the long thread. Thank you for all the advice in advance and good luck this season.
  2. YardMedic

    YardMedic PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,266

    I'll take a stab at this one! The ultimate choice will end up being yours. Some of the things to consider about plow versus snowblower will include your time spent OUTSIDE, knowing that time is increased significantly by using a snowblower. Customers have asked me about buying a snowblower, and I say absolutely IF and only if they want to be up 2 or more hours before work to do it. Some aren't afraid of exercise or getting up long before the sun, but many can't do the work or wish not to. You're right about saving some good coin on a snowblower, even if you were to go for a much heavier machine. Keep in mind that many people trade vehicles more frequently these days, so your plow may not swap over onto the next truck 3-4 years down the road.

    There are advantages to using a snowblower. One is the neater job it often does. A blower will shoot snow farther out into the yard, making multiple storms easier to maintain without major buildup. It won't torque and stress your truck, and it makes for some good exercise a handful of times each winter.

    The snowplow will keep you warm and comfy as you clear snow in a fraction of the time with a blower. You know the cost is significantly more. This can be offset if you chose to pick up a couple more driveways (and you can expect people who know you have a plow will call, which could be a disadvantage if it's not what you're looking to do).

    There are great plows and great snowblowers out there. Give it some thought and definitely some research on products. Good luck! Let us know what you do

  3. skidmark845

    skidmark845 Member
    from ny
    Messages: 39

    How big are the driveways in question. I see your from NJ. A guy down the road from my job (Mahwah NJ) is selling a Meyer plow. Buying used just may be the ticket..$$$.

    If you do buy a blower, go with a big one.

    Good luck
  4. mayhem

    mayhem PlowSite.com Addict
    from Peru MA
    Messages: 1,016

    If the driveways are standard 2 car wide, 2-3 car long paved drives then I'd probably go with a mid sized self propelled snowblower...something thats got like a 25-30" wide input chute, but is sized appropriately for you to get it in and out of your truck by yourself with a couple of ramps.

    If the driveways are much bigger I'd strongly consider getting a used plow for your truck. I did a little searching and picked up a used Fisher MM1 8' plow this fall for $2500 with the corect mounting brackets and electrical hookups and did the install myself in about 4 man-hours with some help from this forum. My driveway is about 400' long, dirt/stone and has a 4 car parking area and 2 car turnaround so a blower is out of the question for me.

    Snowblower is certainly cheaper up front, does an overall neater job and is good for the season in that oyu don't wind up with big piles at the corner of the driveway, but you're out in the cold, wind will throw some of that snow right back into your face and since you're going to at least one other house you'll have to lug it in abd out of your truck and may or may nto have to be concerned with securing it in your truck's bed while you're at work.
  5. QMVA

    QMVA Senior Member
    Messages: 431

    For a few hundred you can get a one stage Toro. I have ran behind mine and it just eats through snow in no time. However get around 6" and it slows down considerably. Then I pull the old two-stage out. Also Toros are very light and can be put in the back of the pick-up with no problem. Just an idea but I know how addicting and appealing the idea of plowing is.:rolleyes:
  6. rayf268

    rayf268 Senior Member
    Messages: 117

    if you look around you can find a whole plow setup for your truck for under a $1000 but then you have a big plow that you have to hook up when it snows and store in the summer . if you have the resources go with a plow if you want something the works well and cheaper blower . get what you want . when you decide which way to go come back here for advise on what models to chose .
  7. n0tneeded

    n0tneeded Junior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 12

    I see alot more cons for the snow blower. Both driveways are about 40' wide & 120' deep. Both decent sizes. I think by the two advantages of doing a cleaner job and also the throwing distance, it looks like a snow blower will be the way to go.

    Do you think a single stage will do? That would be alot easier loading into the back of the truck.

    If you guys run a singe stage, please recommend one. I will start looking but there is nothing better then knowing someone that ran one and what experiences they've had with one.

    Thanks again for all your help. You're all making my decision alot easier.
  8. MnM

    MnM Senior Member
    Messages: 289

    thats a big drive way for a single stage. I have Toro 828 and there great. Comes standard with a light and is a real monster. Dont waste your time with that a single stage
  9. n0tneeded

    n0tneeded Junior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 12

    Ok, after all your words of advice, I looked further into a snow blower. With the temperature dropping, I'm not liking the idea of spending atleast a hour at each house snow blowing the driveway.

    I started getting prices on plows this week and have both Western & Fisher dealers somewhat local. The price difference between the Western Pro Plus & the X-Blade was about 200 installed.

    Which is the better of the 2 plows? Is the 200 worth getting the X-blade? I don't know the price difference between the 7'-6" & the 8'-0" but what is the best way to go? Would my truck handle either of the plows ok?

    Sorry for all the long posts but I just want to make the best decision and get as much advice from the guys that know the most about the equipment. Both dealers have availabilty next week so the decision could be made pretty fast. Thanks again.
  10. SnoFarmer

    SnoFarmer PlowSite Fanatic
    from N,E. MN
    Messages: 9,883

    Now that you have decided on a plow.
    I would get a 8.+ foot plow for your truck the F250 can easily handle the weight of ether plow.

    Which dealer do you like the most, has the best service dept, willing to help you on the weekends and late at night?
  11. jkitterman

    jkitterman Senior Member
    Messages: 140

    You didn't mention what year your truck is. Is it a crew cab diesel longbed? That would mean a smaller plow if you don't want to go over GVWR. What are the plow mounting systems called that fit your truck? If you have to change trucks in the near future, will you be able to get a mount that matches on the replacement truck. Are you planning on driving around with this plow on the truck just in case it snows that day. Have you looked into your auto insurance to make sure no surprises?
  12. n0tneeded

    n0tneeded Junior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 12

    It's a 04 Super Cab with short box. Both dealers are open 24 hours during a storm. The western dealer is bigger then the fisher dealer. Is that good or bad? I assume it really depends on how many plows they put out on the road. I wouldnt drive the truck with the plow on since I mainly drive another car back and forth to work, so I would be able to leave the plow hooked up in the driveway so when I get home its all set to go.

    I only have about 22k miles on my truck so I dont see myself getting a new truck soon. If I were, I would stay in the ford family.

    Both dealers seem to be good. Is the X-Blade a better plow then the Pro Plus? After reading both websites and asking the salesman, its a toose up. I know one thing though, the X-Blade is one nice looking plow.
  13. jkitterman

    jkitterman Senior Member
    Messages: 140

    Since it is a newer truck it will have the newest plow mounting system. Since you will only be plowing home and parents, I don't think the dealer matters that much. If it was commercial, I would go with the one with better parts and service. For your limited use, I would just say to pick one.
  14. kemmer

    kemmer Senior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 329

    You dont need the pro plus or x blade, go with the pro, or the fisher equivalent. Personally i like the western ultramount.
  15. n0tneeded

    n0tneeded Junior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 12

    I know I really don't need a Pro Plus or the X. I asked both dealers and neither of them carry a non-commercial plow is what they told me. Yes they can order say the Western Poly but they said I would have to pay shipping fees, and wait until they get it in and in the long run he said when it breaks down, I'll be looking at 150 less then the Pro Plus.

    I wish they carried the Poly's this way it could run alittle cheaper but it would be stupid for the wait time the marginal pricing. Out of the two which is the best to go? Still deciding what to do. Throw the money at the truck and hopefully pay it off sooner and just buy a snow blower or spend the money on the plow and basically add a tool to make things easier.

    If anyone you have experience with either of the plows please let me know what you think. I like the X because of the stainless steel but just wondering what others think.

  16. rayf268

    rayf268 Senior Member
    Messages: 117

    you can always get a used plow . and still have the dealer install the mount for you and service the plow . if you are only going to be doing yours and parents drives why drop $5000 on a plow when a $1000 would do it just as good . if you take care of it it will last as long as a new one as much as your going to used it .
  17. mcwlandscaping

    mcwlandscaping 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,557

    Out of those two....Fisher X-blade....stainless steel.....NO PAINTING OR RUSTING OF MOLDBOARD!!!!

    but for your needs, ide find a used one, no question about that. Why buy new when used will do?
  18. kemmer

    kemmer Senior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 329

    That sounds like a bunch of bs. i cant believe they dont carry any lower models. what if you wanted to put a plow on a jeep or something smaller? they say they dont have em??
  19. n0tneeded

    n0tneeded Junior Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 12

    Thats what I've been told. I don't understand why they would lie, they're trying to get my business. I've been looking for a used plow but haven't been able to find one.
  20. Tom c.

    Tom c. Member
    Messages: 36

    used plow

    If you buy a used plow are you going to install it your self or ask the dealer you just went to to do it? Some thing to think about, Buying new is reassuring because you know you shouldnt have problems for years to come. Plus if you maintain it youll have it for along time!!:eek: