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Plow opinions?

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Hi Guy's,

I am going to be buying a plow and starting a small plow business this winter. I have been watching this site and have been impressed with the knowledge of it's members. So I have a question.

I have narrowed my choices down to Western or Meyers because of local dealers and parts availibility. I have parts accesss for both 24 hrs./day during a storm.

I was wondering what recommendations you guys had. I have a 2000 F250 Superduty Powerstroke 4X4 and have already installed F550 front springs so I'm not worried about the weight of the plow. I was considering a Western 8' Pro Minute Mount or a Meyers C-8 EZ Mount. Which plow do you guys think is better?


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They're both decent.

If it were mine, I'd buy a Western. ('course I'd buy a V-plow)
I have to agree with Lazer. They are both decent plows, but I too would buy a V plow if I was buying new. Since Meyer does not make a V plow, I would buy a Western V plow, known as the "MPV". As you said, you have been following the posts here, so you know how much better a v plow is overall.

I would still try to sell the fisher v-plow too you, just cause I think plows should be yellow. Then again, dealer support is more important than paint, so go with the western v-plow. If you are a 1 man show, a v-plow is a must. Bigger companies like mine, still find uses for regular blades, and some will (this includes me) will always have some.

The thing I don't like about being big, is you don't have the personel service a one man show can provide. One of my good friend's, who used to plow for me a long time ago (he only plowed for us, another regular job), asked me if I would have a problem with him going at it on his own, I said I don't care just don't under bid me. He never took anyone my accounts, and he has like 25 residential drives, and makes more than enough money to be happy. He makes his money off his personel service, cleans the walks steps, puts the newspaper on the steps, ect.

Definetely Western,way stronger than a Meyer,scrapes and stacks better too.A side bonus is most Fisher pump,and wiring parts are identical,giving you an option when buying parts .
John that was true till last year, when fisher went to the isolation box, and western still uses the relays and such, unless they switched this year.
Thankd for the correction Dino,have you seen or driven a Dmax yet?
I have seen a HD 2500 but with 6.0 and 4L80E, I dont expect to see a D max till spring. As soon as I drive one I will let you know.
Western is the way to go in my opinion. We have Meyer and Western dealers in our area and I have used both. We have 3 Western and 1 Meyer. An alternative to the V blade is Wings. They are not as effective as the V blade but they are better than nothing at all.
I am not familiar with either brand as we use Fisher plows but with that size I would get at the very least an 8 1/2' straight blade or the V-Plow. Just My Two cents
SLC the fisher and western v plows are twins, in fact they are built at the same plant in Maine, and painted side by side.
Thanks Guy's,

Sounds like the Western V plow is what I should get. A little more than I wanted to spend, but I would rather spend an extra $700 now than spend less and not have what I need.

I own a masonry business and know all to well what it's like trying to do a job without the proper equipment.

I want to approach this as a 1 man operation because as most of you know, employee's are a pain in the A*#!!!:)

Thanks again,

Dealer support is an absolute must when you are a 1 man show. I know what you are saying with the extra money up front with the mpv from western, but you will be so much more efficient and able to do more accounts to more than make up the difference in the intial cost.
Good luck with your new business and make sure you check out the SIMA site for snow and ice contractors, alot of good peaple are available to help you make your snow bussiness very profitable. They also have a training video out that will give you some good direction if this is your first plowing experience.
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