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i just got a fisher 8 ft minute mount. ive been debating on getting the plow dollys. i was wondering if anybody parks their plow on a pallet and how well that works. i have a pallet and pallet jack, so i coud just move it around with the pallet jack. is this a good or bad idea?


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If you go this route nail some plywood to the pallet (unless it is solid) I do this when I store them in the summer. I lift them up with my skidsteer onto the loft of my shop. In the winter they are lined up n front of where wach truck parks so that they are easy to hook up. That is if we unhook them in the winter. Very seldom was this done last year.

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Sounds like this idea would work fine, one other thing you can do in addition to the plywood is nail a couple of 2x4's down, forming a "channel" for the cutting edge to sit in.

You might want to attach blocking to hold the A-frame level, which will make re-attaching the plow a bit easier.

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The plow dollies will be at our BBQ so if your intereted in seeing them there will be a couple here in Poughkeepsie with a plow on them so you can check them out.
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