Plow on back

Discussion in 'SnowSport®' started by Snap-n-go Plow, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Snap-n-go Plow

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    Is it easy to back up and plow? Is this just a residential/homeowner plow?
  2. drag_slick

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    It's not too bad, but I wouldn't want to have to do my whole road that way. I'll put it on back then back out of my garage and up my road a ways but then I'll pop it in the front and finish off. I've got 700' to maintain and I wouldn't want to do it all in reverse.
  3. 98tacoma

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    I've never plowed in reverse, although I could I guess. I think most owners get the front hitch and attach it that way. As far as it being a homeowner plow, yeah it is. I wouldn't want to try to make money with it, since it does have its limitations, although it has always exceeded my expectations
  4. randym99

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    I have used mine on the back(97 s-10 blazer) but it's not nearly as nice as looking forward.I had it on a friends front wheel drive car on the back(and the dang thing worked good)I think it was because you never got into trouble with the drive wheels nearing a drop off or into the deep plowed snow.Plus all the weight is over the drive wheels.I really surprised what it would move.