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When out plowing commercial lots do most operators just leave the parking light on (to save the battery) or run with headlights on at all times. I have heard this will help some. How about some opinions....

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First up, you should be sure your electrical sys is top notch-decent battery, clean connections, top amp alternator (100 amp min, if not and on a budget go to a junkyard and get a bigger one from an old police car and make it fit).

I run with headlights, back spots if needed. I try not to shut the truck down though, unless absolutely necessary just in case. But havent had a problem yet.


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In some of our large commerical lots I shut off all my lights except for strobe lights. We only do this in our lighted, large(10+acre lots), I keep the strobe lights on so the loader or other trucks can see each other. I just think with the new all electric plows that it doesn't hurt to have the lights off, if there is no reason to have them on. In our older trucks with the hydro-belt drive, I would have never even thought about doing this but now most of our plows are the fisher minute mount. Just my two cents.


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aux. lights

i have a set of driving lights mounted on plow frame. we use 55watt bulbs. turn lights off and use aux lights. also in very dark area you have extra light if needed

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I had a problem with one truck once and just added a battery.

My standard light package:

Dump Trucks (small or big) : A strobe on each side of the cab protector, strobes recessed into the rear or the body, and back up lights.

Pick Ups: One strobe (mag mount) on the middle of the roof, the newer trucks are getting a ladder rack, with the a mini edge bar, back up lights

Loaders and other equipment, Dual strobes on the cab, and back up lights.

The powerstroke with dual alternators equals more than enough power.



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Shutting your lights off does help reserve battery power,I switched everything over to mini strobes,they use a fraction of the power that the old rotating beacons use.Also I always pull electric motors off the units and inspect brushes,clean the comms and oil bearings,also remove any oxidation on any wire terminal ends this cuts down on power consumption....

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